Oct 6 2014

I have no idea how Carl Macek got away with it with a syndicated cartoon in the 1980s. But I love that unlike previously imported anime (Battle of the Planets/G-Force, Voltron, Saber Rider), Robotech did not scale down or eliminate the death and darkness whatsoever. War was hell, Earth was devastated, and people died: Read more

Sep 5 2014

I'm proud of gaming as a medium and I want it to remain a strong industry.

Sep 5 2014

If Final Fantasy XV doesn't do well, perhaps there's not much of a future for console games. It kind of really depends on how that goes. Read more

Jul 23 2014

So? I suspect you'd rather they build a giant science fiction world with dozens of guns with places to explore and aliens to kill instead. Duck Duck Goose Simulator 2014 is the game we've been waiting for YEARS. Hell, in my day, we actually had to stand up and chase people. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR FAT PEOPLE TO Read more

Jul 17 2014

If he had been real Char that would have crapped on the ending of Char's Counterattack. Being a ghost of a dead man is way more interesting. At least he met up with Char, who seemed to have found peace once reunited with Lalah.

Jul 17 2014

I think a major problem was that many of the American viewers seemed to think they were betrayed became the show wasn't a show that wasn't "super-realistic". The problem is of course that Gundam has never been a show that dealt with realism. Even 08th MS team, the pinnacle of certain fans realistic depiction, is Read more