Jun 18

Oh yeah, but McQueen is the protagonist of the first movie, which is about him learning to be a nicer person and a better athlete. Read more

Jun 16

Yeah, this is where I remind people that, as someone on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum and depression, we need to stop putting racism in the “mentally-ill” bag. Nobody’s objecting to mental illness here. They’re objecting to Ms. Cooper’s racism. And while there can be overlap between racist beliefs Read more

Jun 16

I hope there was an episode where he went to the tailor for a new emergency dressing gown and said, “Make it! Sew!”.

Apr 30

It makes so much sense for Assassin’s Creed’s lore that I can’t believe they haven’t done it yet. Read more

Apr 30

What, you never noticed how Zimmer suddenly became much more active after Tupac was "killed"?

Apr 21

properly, Star Wars is indeed much like a western: one watches not for an exciting and novel plot, but for immersion in a particular mood and style. If you like it, that’s cool.

Me, i loved the Mandalorian, because by mood it felt just like the old West End Games Star Wars RPG i loved so much, the d6 version. All in Read more

Apr 16

This just made me disproportionately furious. I am supportive of small businesses trying to stay afloat right now and advertising is part of that, but fuck every single one of these giant corporations for exploiting people’s fears during a global pandemic. Read more

Apr 13

Except it wasn’t a mess from start to finish. It has issues, but it’s a good film overall.

Apr 10

The “issue” with The Last Jedi wasn’t ignoring The Force Awakens, but being saddled with the laziness of Awakens. Abrams had no idea for a trilogy, he barely had an idea for that one movie (and that idea was just do A New Hope again, but flashier effects). His storytelling approach has always just been throw shit at Read more

Mar 20

As hilarious at this is (and it is, I’ve watched the clip like 5 times), the effect works for almost any recorded speech, at least the way that YouTube’s speed adjustment affects it. Here’s a clip from John Mulaney’s Kid Gorgeous and at 50% speed he also sounds drunk, but his voice is almost wholly unlike Frakes’s.