I mean, really, has the GTI changed that much since 2001?

Minivans are the ideal car for so many people, if only normies could get over their image issues. They buy SUVs “for the family” that have less space, are less luxurious, and have less practical features, all because they think minivans are uncool or something. Read more

I have now read a total of two articles by this writer. The first one was her using Britney Spears’ dilemma to do a jokey article about clapbacks with her sister or something, and this one is a phoned-in bunch of crap about a TV show. Read more

What’s the difference between an Iron 883 and a Sportster? Casual observer here, but I always thought the Sportster 883 was Harley’s base level bike.

If you want a $6,000 bike, then you should get a Royal Enfield. The Iron 883 ought to be a little cheaper, I agree, but it’s only a few hundred bucks more than a Moto Guzzi V7 III, which is a much closer competitor in terms of power and quality.

The Sportster was the entry-level Harley, you could get one under $9k.

I hope that at some point in the past eight years you’ve become less of a misogynist racist asshole. 

Cool, kill off all the people you like. People suck, they usually did something to deserve it.

I’ve never watched Stranger Things, and now I know not to bother. Fuck any show that thinks killing off a pet on the show is worth doing. I don’t care if it’s fictional, fuck them.

Wait, so they bought a bus and converted it to an RV, then they all took a vacation to Hawaii together, and now they’ve been on a “road trip” (i.e. another vacation) since late June?

I get that you can’t necessarily embed the video here when it belongs to someone else, but would it be the worst thing ever to just have a link that clearly says CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO? Read more

Gotta admit I kept muttering “no one dressed like that in the ‘90s, you turnip” under my breath at some of the dudes wearing head to toe Dixie cup outfits

Your Saab was one of the highlights of the show for me. I thought it was a 99 at first, because I never see a notchback 900. I didn’t get a chance to say hi, but I absolutely enjoyed getting to see your beautiful Saab. I hope it’s a daily driver!

It was a great show once we got in, but it took literally an hour to go the 2,000 feet from Delaware Street to the parking lot.

Same! Thank goodness for actual weird designs in the world of EVs. It’s nice that Tesla and Ford can sell EVs to middle America by making the most boring designs possible, but I came to the future for weird shit.