Cura Te Ipsum
Yesterday 4:59PM

Reminder: just because you oppose Trump that doesn’t make you a hero. Prison is full of murderers who hate pedos. 

Thursday 4:22PM

And you’re here pissed about a different, not-serious article for FREE! Congrats retard, you played yourself and gave clicks to something you pretend to hate.

Thursday 11:16AM

We’re talking about a chunk of the population that has become fully unmoored from reality a this point. I grew up in Alabama, and moved the hell out of there the moment I graduated college, pivotally because of how race is handled in those parts (I’m white.) But the delusion that everything is just fine down South and Read more

Thursday 1:59AM

Scott, bro, you don’t have to retire. You can just *own* this if you want. Just straight up be like “yes, I love my LGBTQ audience, and I am also sending money directly to politicians who will use said money and their positions of power to reduce this audience to second class citizens in a best case scenario. Read more

Wednesday 4:24PM

Why extend your credibility to people who don’t deserve it? Why make it that much harder to call the GOP what they are? “Oh, they’re dangerous and ignorant hatemongers who want to essentially end the concept of popular democracy in America? Why’d you have a bunch of them over for a big happy time dinner then?” Read more

Wednesday 3:25PM

If mommy and daddy are in the same room with you, they’ll realize you’ve been lying to both of them.

Wednesday 2:02PM

Aww, that was nice of McConnell to give them permission to attend. I hope they didn’t break their curfew.

Tuesday 7:34PM

Simmons has been ripped for forever. There’s a deleted scene from Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 where J. Jonah Jameson puts on Spidey’s costume and jumps around in his office. They cut it because as initially conceived it was supposed to look totally ridiculous, but since J.K. Simmons is ridiculously fit he looked amazing Read more

Tuesday 7:22PM

Thinking aliens would want to “plunder our resourses” is daft. There are innumerable uninhabited planets out there with more resources than Earth. - John Doe, Galway, Ireland, 16/7/2012 0:07

6/11/21 11:57PM

Great!  Now, all I can think about is Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore having sex!  Thanks a lot!

6/11/21 11:14PM

Beforeigners on HBO. Does anyone else even know it exists? I loved it!

6/11/21 5:25AM

Hey now, those of us born in the mid 70's and grew up watching this in the 80's are very much still alive. Read more

6/10/21 3:48PM

No, because if it’s well made you can enjoy it regardless of how old you are.