Cura Te Ipsum
Yesterday 11:06PM

I’m in Australia and I saw Beforeigners a few weeks back for free legally in Australia on one of our government station’s streaming services (SBS On Demand). Only one of two TV shows I’ve seen this year (the other is WandaVision) and I thought it was great! Recommended it to a few people, a couple of which have seen Read more

Yesterday 3:16PM

I kid you not, I just picked up my phone which I did not take with me and found this article. I had just left the bathroom where I was taking a dump but not using my phone (I was however rereading John Scalzi’s Redshirts). Read more

Friday 8:17PM

Why wait when you can already see now an excellent film which has many of those elements? I doubt this will top Perfect Blue.

Friday 7:02PM

Regular Youtube user who assesses psychiatric patients for a living. This is my actual job. Never even heard of this before. To date, I’ve never watched true crime videos on Youtube as far as I can recall.

Friday 10:56AM

I wonder how much grief everyone would have been saved if they sent Newt with him?

Friday 10:53AM

IMO, I thought Oxygen was quite good. Concept films can sometimes pull it off.

Thursday 11:34AM

Well, Chris Evans had to leave the main role because it clashed with Defending Jacob so in answer to your question, no.

Thursday 10:36AM

I think it depends. If the weight of experience of living so long would reset with each new life. that could work otherwise you’d get extremely tired of life sooner or later when increasingly everything lost its appeal. Highlander covered this quite well with a grim faced Connor Macleod in his seat among the rest of Read more

Thursday 8:03AM

I was reading the Wikipedia page for the film which led to the one for the book it was based on. Apparently it was self-published to start with and the author wrote in the book that if any reader could get it to a studio and made into a film, they’d get 10%. Read more

Thursday 7:58AM

So all male former past lives or not? Potentially interesting avenues if not, hopefully not in a car crash sort of way, though.

Thursday 1:37AM

Alan Cumming has also had dealings with Loki. Someone should put him and Tom Hiddleston together as siblings or something one day.

Tuesday 4:41AM

Maybe once the footage is available, it’ll look quite different but does it sound like the different kinds of scenes in Natural Born Killers (from sitcom to some other scenes decidedly more horrific).

Tuesday 4:24AM

I grew up in Australia in the 1980s and suffice to say, getting many of the works of Dario Argento was quite easy from quite a lot of video stores, even in my small home town. Read more