Jul 8 2017

It should put the ADAC in a bad light because the marshals were only indicating an off track hazard which doesn’t require much caution and really just restricts passing. They should have been displaying double waved yellows because the truck was obstructing the track...

Mar 28 2017

The dumbest shit I modded my car with was my ex-husband.

Nov 29 2016

I’ve said this over and over again, however, I’ll repeat it. Just because you have photos of the crash site that show deceased people, doesn’t mean you should post them for the whole world to see. It is disrespectful to not only the victims but also their families. I don’t mind posting the crash site, however, please Read more

Sep 7 2016

Don’t worry Roger Goodell already added an extra two games to Tom Brady’s suspension over this crash.

Jun 6 2016

That drag racer is certainly a gluten for punishment.