Freaking hell just spit my coffee at that one. Read more

I’ve actually toured that facility when I was doing icing research/analysis for Sikorsky’s CH-53K. When I was at the facility they had a top 1/2 of a bell helicopter in the tunnel being prepped for testing. Read more

Never actually made it to eat at the 7 seas. I had more food at the diner since it was walking distance from my apartment. The people I was doing the work for was Engineered Fabrics who was based out of Rockmart GA. Many Many hours went into the design of those inlets. We actually found out that the cockpit had a

I was consulting to the company that did the carbon fiber inlets as a sub to Sikorsky. I had my meetings in Stafford since we were in Milford CT. Read more

After doing some design work on this back in 2010 I am finally glad to see it flying. You can thank me for showing the engine inlets wont ice up. Read more

Damn I would have loved one of those. I only got a polo shirt. Read more

Having gone to this event years ago, I can say it is a very very fun time. Don’t forget to bring lots of paper airplanes to throw at people on stage, and if you dress up its better. Was my first time ever going to Harvard, and will always be the most memorable. Read more

1. Putting a screwdriver through the main harness bundle on your car (not me a friend). Shorted the transmission computer. Amazingly the mechanics figured a bypass. Read more

I have seen this truck go up Mt. Washington. Someone really needs to buy it. Its in great shape and very very well built. Read more

Sweet an author I like @ Road & Track. Read more