Crystal Palace is not a gay disco

He also had to argue against someone who insisted that he misinterpreted his OWN damn book: Read more

At the expense of those who cannot leave? Read more

Or garbage knockoffs passed off as originals:

That conservative merger in Alberta troubles me. Read more

They named themselves so in keeping with the national party at the time (1942) Essentially, a centre-right party versus the national party who is right-wing, where the progressive part related more to social conservative aspect and certainly, from what I remember, less populist. Read more

The Robert Jordan incident certainly reinforces it: Read more

What’s to understand about virulent racism/misogyny shielded by the veil anonymity? It’s never only about a film or a book. Read more

It (neo-fascism, neo-Nazism punk movement) really came to its own in the 80s and 90s and was a presence in my high school and I lived in a fairly diverse place. The punk music scene reflected that as well. See skrewdriver. Read more

Collective bargaining agreement can be subject to workforce adjustment though. Read more

But props to the artist who fixed the top one:

“But does he want to hold the president’s HAND?”
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It really isn’t. You’re barred from eating most foods, participating in religious and cultural events and rituals. The only work you can do are the kind of work that isolates you from the family, such working the fields, fetching wood and foraging. You know, hard labour (how convenient). The structures are so Read more

He’s always been a racist miserable shitbag. He’s just moved into the devolving-into-meltdowns-during-podcasts portion of his career. Read more

No, he was a piece of shit way before the heart attack. Read more

Yes, you should be grossed. That woman is an asshole. Read more

“...make me all sad, depressed, and suicidal over animals.”  Read more

I suspect that he would be even harder on kin. Read more

Mischaracterize and lie? Is that you call it when someone disagrees with you? I have never written that diagnosis = demonization. Please read what I wrote again. Read more