May 8

Expensive as in becoming Venezeula.  You can only print money for so long before it tanks.

May 8

Oh, they’ll still be using Notepad++. Nothing finer than a tool that does exactly what you tell it to do.

May 6

Let’s not ignore the that the person with the camera already has it rolling before the confrontation, and they don’t appear to be even remotely phased by what takes place in front of them...

May 6

That video was clearly shot with a cell phone (rather than one of those vehicle video cameras that are always running and pointing in the same direction) by someone who was following. So, whoever that person is, he or she knew something was about to go down even though no one was on camera when it started. So that Read more

May 6

As someone with an apostrophe in his last name, I can tell you this kid is in for a world of hurt.

May 4

“Look guys, I can only be okay with terrible labor practices for 6 years. That’s my limit”

Apr 24

“Guys as soon as you get your $1200, DM me and we’ll start the Civil War. Tony is bringing sandwiches.”

Apr 15

That’s three crashes into the same home, if you include the fence.

Mar 21

“The Gambler” barely even offers advice. Okay, he says you need to know when to hold em, when to walk away, etc etc... But he doesn’t tell you how to know those things.
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Dec 14 2017

The one with the purple and red hair?

*cough* That’s not her. That’s the rapper.