1:21 PM

I found Love is Blind delightfully cringe-worthy and honestly a bit refreshing from the usual format of The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Read more

12:54 PM

Insert “let people enjoy things meme” here. It wasn’t ground breaking or life changing but it was entertaining. My only complaints are that the reunion was last minute and it showed and that Lauren and Cameron were the clear features but were only used sparingly. Even with that it was fun to watch. Could Netflix have Read more

12:44 PM

Nick and Vanessa were PAINFUL even though they were hardly ever there.  They gotta find better hosts and they really have to stop trying to make the phrase “love is blind” happen. It’s the name of the show. We get it. Move on. Read more

12:03 PM

I thought this was asking what sort of shame I was hoarding, and my immediate response was “far too much to possibly list, thanks”.

9:50 AM

The knives are already coming out. Some of Bernie’s supporters (not all of them) apparently learned nothing from 2016,and I think it is awfully presumptuous to believe that all of Warren’s supporters would support Bernie in any event.  

9:30 AM

Watching the comments on her different social media feeds is like watching the progressive version of Trump supporters. Big tents and all but seriously, the lack of decorum from the “Bernie Bros” is fucking tragic.

4:05 AM

‘E’s not dead, E’s restin’... and pining for the fjords.

3:22 PM

I fell on my left ring finger trail running almost 5 years ago now, and my ring finger now has MUCH wider variance in size than it did. I can get it on in the morning, but within a few hours it gets painfully stuck. I’m pretty sure it’s not indicative of the state of my marriage (though my wife may disagree?). Anyway, Read more

8:25 PM

I don't wear my ring all the time. But I guess I'd make a point to wear it if i were broadcasting to anyone that the state of my marriage was fine? 

11:30 AM

Let’s just talk about it! Look at the 1992 comin atcha from this photo!!! Kim looks positively atrocious in this Trendy Wendy mall nightmare. She couldn’t have picked a worse cut for the trousers. *MEaNwHiLe!!* Kourtney is looking positively perfect in this Jane Lane/Reality Bites babydoll and chunky shoe, she even

7:19 PM

Good. I mean, Pete’s not a horrible person, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why he was doing so well. Why was he so far ahead of someone as experienced and accomplished as Warren? And if that’s an apples to oranges (moderate to progressive) comparison, why was he ahead of Biden? Read more

2:15 PM

...You're struggling to understand how Disney mistreated teen stars, when, in your own words, Disney regarded them not as humans but as a product? Have you just not had your coffee yet to not get how that comes across?

7:09 PM

My “new for me” speed yellow 911 rolled down our very steep driveway into a wall on my 38th birthday (was letting the car idle in neutral while I put the dog in the yard, and the parking brake failed), which led to an epic fight with my then fiancee about all of the horrible things that “could have happened” if it had Read more

2:11 PM

I’m sorry that your life is such that you need to mock the way other women look to feel good about yourself, because that’s really what your comments are sounding like here. We’re just talking around each other at this point, but hope things get better for you! :D