2:44 PM

I also hoard Schmidt’s! When the company was purchased, I found so many of their rose  and vanilla sticks at Winner's, and I bought them all every time I saw them. I have a lifetime supply now.

10:39 PM

Right?! Sometimes I forget it, and sometimes I don't wear it because I don't want it to get caught on anything, etc. I have a recurring anxiety-vision of my dog accidentally eating it when I give him treats on walks, for example. I'd be in big trouble if I were a celebrity, I guess...😬

12:40 PM

Okay...and if I hadn't gone to karaoke one night, I wouldn't have met my husband. If I hadn't moved to my neighbourhood, I wouldn't have volunteered for my boss, and I wouldn't have my job now. We do things that lead to us doing other things. That's literally how life works. I fail to see your point.

1:05 PM

The Queen is head of state in Canada, it’s true, but no other members of the royal family are officially recognised as such. So, whether “second in line for the throne,” or “sixth in line for the throne,” members of the royal family don’t officially take precedence over private citizens unless they are the current Read more

2:01 PM

Yooo, as long as we’re talking about the “casual cruelty” of the press towards Simpson, do you want to include the many times Jezebel’s own Joan Summers has mocked Simpson over the past couple of weeks for her disclosure of the sexual abuse she suffered as a child, or...?

1:45 PM

They might not have a peaceful life by our standards, but I truly hope they’re able to achieve a *more* peaceful life.

1:42 PM

Garrett, your Dirt Bags (and your other writing on Jezebel) are the perfect balance of funny and kind. I admire your ability to *gently* poke fun. They should have you write all week!

11:20 AM

I was just saying this to my best friend the other day--I'd be in big trouble if I was a celebrity! I forget to wear my ring all the time!

9:32 PM

Oh gosh, I totally agree with you! Jessica Simpson’s story is 1000% hers to tell or to do with what she wants. I’m absolutely not saying that she shouldn’t have included it in her memoir. And I love your point about its potential to help other survivors. Read more

9:26 PM

Yeah, I'm sure there will be some gossip-worthy stuff in the book! But this is the second time in just a few days that Joan has framed *specifically Simpson's story of being sexually assaulted as a child* as something to mock, sneer at, and gossip about.

11:02 AM

I’ve complained about this before, and here I am again. *Why* do you keep framing excerpts from Jessica Simpson’s memoir that deal with her childhood sexual abuse as something salacious that you want to read immediately so you’ll be up on all the ~*hot goss*~?!! Read more

8:20 PM

Oh gosh, I didn't even think of it from that angle, but of course you're right! Glad I could help!

1:41 PM

“There's a lot happening" is a really crappy and insensitive way to frame an article about Jessica Simpson being sexually abused as a child.

10:47 PM

“The girls”? Gabbard is awful, and I’m not a big Clinton fan either, but why are you demeaning them (and all women candidates...and all women who strive to be taken seriously in their professional roles...and all women) like this? Read more

2:10 PM

I've said it before, and I'll say it again--if I die with just my cat in the house, and no one finds her for a long time, I hope she *does* eat my body! I certainly won't be using it, and I don't want my cat to starve!

9:41 PM

Totally! Dr. Gunter's show is available here in Canada on the CBC--makes me proud of my national broadcaster! 😊