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If men are so awful then why do you have sex with us? Just sayin

Yall really cant help but shit on black men every chance you get huh?

Imagine being this scared of another man. You have tasers and guns, hes unarmed, and the sight of his muscular abs and chest terrifies you to the point of damn near pissing yourself. On the one hand racism obviously pisses me off but on the other hand Im truly thankful that Im not this much of a damn coward.

I just came here to see how many people would "well, actually..." and prove your entire point for you

Flav capped for Trump in 2016, I dont know how this isnt common knowledge to people who care about PE

If you think this was about Bernie then you clearly didnt read what Chuck D actually said

I hope you didnt pull anything when you found a way to mention Kanye

Pooly researched articles like these are why Ive been very disappointed in the Root lately. A quick Google search would reveal that she was signed to Virgin her first 2 albums and the Neptunes just produced them. They didnt have their own label until 2002 and it was under Sony anyways, they didnt have any control over Read more

How in the fuck is this manager not facing kidnapping or unlawful imprisonment charges or something along those lines?

Lol I never said the NFL was good or really defended the NFL at all but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. If you really think hes gonna be anywhere near an NFL field this season I suggest you stick to topics you are better informed on.

Because hes a fucking moron as I conceded in my original post but Id rather he be a tacky idiot than selfish. A for effort, F for execution on his part.

Dude is like 21 and not the sharpest knife in the drawer, yes it was tacky as hell but Im not gonna sit here and question his motives with no evidence to do so. Tiffany Haddish understands being homeless a hell of a lot better than most of us since shes been there so Ive got no love for anyone trying to act like her Read more

My point is that the league does NOT want Antonio Brown to play, the author doesnt seem to grasp that the NFL has tools it can and will use that will prevent him from seeing a penny this season. Its just a disappointing lack of research by the author more than anything and it makes his outrage just look ill-informed. Read more

Then write this article about any one of the hundreds of problematic dudes that get signed and cut all the time, this feels like performative outrage because Brown’s behavior is recent and performative outrage against the NFL is all the rage since a lot of people wanna act like Kaepernick was the first time they Read more

Except he still doesnt have a job and if the Saints sign him the league will place him on the Commissioners exempt list and he’ll never play a down this season, the tone of this article doesn’t make sense to me

Its ironic how her size has provided a distraction for both her fans and detractors, now everyone fixates on her weight instead of acknowledging that theyd be embarrassed as hell if they heard about their daughter showing out the way she did. Lizzo (legitimately) criticizing someone for attention seeking is completely Read more

He couldnt control the security team he told to stomp dude out? Are you a Trump voter? This logic seems on brand with his supporters

Is this The Onion? Because the idea of positive energy emenating from someone who watched their security team beat a man into a coma because he wanted to take a picture is.....odd at best.

I immediately thought of the same article as soon as I saw this headline