Feb 3

Nah, you’re not a pervert, you are clearly a man of culture.

Feb 3

Well, manga & anime hasn’t gotten as prude as you may think, especially in Japan itself (probably obviously...). Despite that publicized ordinance that past nearing a decade ago the Japanese market is still LITTERED with hentai as animation as a whole is just so easy to make nowadays. The western world doesn’t see the Read more

Jan 20

I want this.  I already have a department that does laundry and there is typically a gym on site... so if I can get a bed in my office, I can stop paying rent.

Nov 23

It might be easy to overpraise FROM. in this regard but I don’t think it is. Soulsborne games have a very elegant and deliberately structured multiplayer element (both synchronous and asynchronous) and no voice or text chat, only emotes and pre-written messages. Perfectly calibrated for an immersive and purposeful Read more

Nov 23

I don’t think there’s a real threat of extinction. There’ll always be a market for offline (not even counting the backlash against ‘always online’). The big studios might continue to ignore that market but there is no shortage of smaller and indie studios that are putting out solid games that don’t require multiplayer Read more

Nov 1

I guess my question is, what is Blizzard supposed to do here? They could completely take back all the punishments they’ve handed out. Beyond that, are we expecting them to drop a mercenary army in Hong Kong to defend the protestors? I guess I’m confused.

Activision is a giant corporation. Corporations’ sole interest is Read more

Sep 18

Just identify as a woman.  Looking like one is a passe concept.

Aug 26

Bisexual here who lived with a gay couple who were HIGHLY active in the local gay community...and I’m really wondering who inside the community is ACTUALLY getting offended by this. I regularly woke up getting greeted with “Hello and good morning F*****!” in the morning. Every member of the LGBT community they had Read more

Aug 26

Speaking as a fellow cocksucker, I would really like it if people would stop getting offended on my behalf. (Not making the claim that there aren't any LBGTQ+ people who were offended, just saying from what i've seen, it's mostly hetero cis folk who want to feel good about how progressive they are.)

Aug 21

It’s worth noting that this happened because he did not make his ban selection before it timed out, do it's not even a "missclick". He messed up his timing and hit it late. A more accurate analogy is a basketball player wanting his shot to count despite him releasing after the buzzer.

Aug 4 2019

Obviously they didn’t have video games, but they did have tabletop games, and funnily enough you really can draw a direct line between them and WWI.

Aug 3 2019

For comparison’s sake, that single day measurement of meltwater was the equivalent of 68% of the total volume of Crater Lake.

Aug 2 2019

Well, as a person who suffers from depression, bipolar, and anxiety, I don’t feel attacked. I like it, actually. It’s his best skin, maybe tied with the Talon epic skin. I don’t really see a reason to be upset. He’s a villain. They’re not saying all mentally ill people are like him. They have a host of villains who Read more

Jul 9 2019

I was a music major in college. Trust me, it gives new meaning to the terms “G string” and “F hole.”

Jul 8 2019

That instrument is broken out only for performances of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3-some.

Jul 3 2019

If a game doesn’t adhere to your own personal fantasy, then don’t play it. A developer should have enough creative freedom to not be called a sexist for a lack of female knights. This is just like how some are angry about there not being a female Link (not to be confused with having Zelda as a protagonist). I don’t Read more

May 2 2019

Disgusting that they would let this hack be released.  It can stack with confusion and in Gen 2, that means 2 50% chances that you don’t attack.  Sickening.