Yup. He pulls this shit every time they have to negotiate the federal budget. Read more

“I love immigration. How else are all the white folks supposed to escape South Africa after the fall of Apartheid?” -Elon Musk Read more

A percentage of nothing is still nothing. Good luck with that, Melania. Read more

If they didn’t learn their lesson after RBG, then I don’t think they ever will. Read more

Yeah, this is the most important thing a congressman should be focused on right now. Not that whole government shutdown thing. Dipshit. Read more

The Bethesda formula was worn out by Fallout 4, completely fell apart with Fallout 76, and now all future attempts to re-use it are going to be immediately dated. Read more

You can’t compromise with toddlers. Read more

Still waiting on where you want meet so I can end your life with blunt force. Read more

Basically yeah, that’s Gaming Heads’ story. Read more

Look, their pastor told them that everything related to pregnancy is an abortion, and the entire internet has a liberal bias. I mean, why is the blog from some born-again Christian mother in Texas who only helps validate everything they already believe buried on the 17th page of Google? Scientists and experts don’t Read more

With any hope these cards will go the way of the McDonald’s sets and have zero value so the scalpers end up hustling backwards. Read more

Of course Rockhard is a pansy. You’d think he’d be happy to have cause to defend himself with lethal force. But no, the little keyboard pussy is too fwai-fwai. Read more

Rockhard, I can’t wait to end you. Read more

Rockhard, all I need is your name and address and you’ll be six feet under in less than a day. Otherwise fuck off. Read more

Rockhard, unless you’re going to help me bash your dome in I don’t care. Read more

Still waiting on your name and address. My hammer is ready. Is your skull? Read more

Every union hall in my red-as-fuck state has hung signs endorsing Democrats since 2018. The GOP can scream into the void that they’re pro-Union but the only people they’re going to convince are non-Union workers. Read more

Tell you what Rockhard, give me your deets and I’ll do this world a favor using a ball peen hammer. It’s a win/win/win offer. Deal? Read more

Hey Rockhard, eat shit and die, ‘kay? Read more

Why haven't you killed yourself in your mother's basement yet, Rockhard? Read more