I absorbed* an odd fact about eyebrows from somewhere, that their fullness is indicative of economical trends. When the economy is low, brows are thicker (1940s, current times) and when the economy good, the opposite. Read more

It looks like the ice crystals formed from a light frost on my car’s windows. Read more

They can get sticky if you do more than one coat, but I apply a very thin first layer and once it dries I apply another. If I go a few hours then re-apply, then it can get sticky. Read more

They can get sticky if you do more than one coat, but I apply a very thin first layer and once it dries I apply

“And she thinks everyone here is 16-25.”

Fantastic! That means that all those aborted fetuses I’ve dined on recently, thanks to Planned Parenthood’s sale of them, are working and I do look 15 years younger. Read more

Hi fives fellow Nashvillian. I’m sorry about your grandmother’s house. :( Read more

I thought Simone was under 18 too, but now I clearly understand what she meant by missing prom for practice during her NBC profile segment. Read more

I realize that the few minutes of reading your post could never compare to the fear/sadness that you must have felt most of your lifetime, but how you express being that scared little girl breaks my heart and has reduced me into a puddle of tears. I’m so sorry. Read more

I just realized I mistakened Stephen Schwarzman for Jonathan Schwartzman when I starred your comment. Random! Read more

I’ve lived here since I was 3, and I can proudly say I’ve never seen a Grand Old Opry performance, yet I’ve been on both the Ryman and Opry House stages in the ‘circle’ that they talk about.

(The ‘circle’ is an inlay of wood from the original Ryman stage.) Read more

I’ve lived here almost all of my life and Nashville is finally becoming the hip city I desperately craved as a “too cool for school” teen. Now, I am 40 and want ‘them damn kids to get off my lawn.’ (Although I do appreciate how my property value has more than doubled in 5 years). Read more

If you aren’t on any special diet, check out Charlie Bob’s in East Nashville. It’s meat & 3, breakfast all-day, and short order foods (think burgers, BLTs...). They have a full bar and some nights you’ll be lucky to stumble upon a bluegrass band. This isn’t too far from the VFW mentioned in the article. That place is Read more


(Sorry for yelling, but as a child of the 80's who had “Make It Big” I’m ashamed of myself. However, my “flinging arm disco snap” move is definitely getting a workout. Thanks.) Read more

Here’s hoping your dad doesn’t try create a beachy-themed playlist on song titles only and chooses “Paradise City.” Read more

Maybe you could “Florida” up this music with some hair metal added to the mix. That seems to be my soundtrack-by-proxy for every vacation I’ve ever spent in Florida. Read more

This is mind-boggling. Granted, I suppose rape is the lesser of two evils should the other be ripping off limbs, but the cook just said “OK, let him do his thing”? EEEEEEEEEEK. Read more

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Bright Eyes’ “First Day of My Life” is a sweet song.

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I’m surprised I didn’t see this posted: