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People aren’t “looking for reasons” to be angry. People are rightfully angry over transphobia, and this game is based on the franchise created by one of the world’s most visible transphobes. And fuuuuuuuuuck you and your stance of “ignore it and it’ll go away”. That’s not how social change works. The trans community Read more

For all the piece of shit Johnny Depp apologists rushing to respond to me in the greys, read this before replying (oh, and you’ll get dismissed anyway, I’m not dealing with this shit). Read more

that scene in the Missing Pieces where she’s just staring at a fan and incrementally widing her face into a terrifying smile is somehow one of the most unsettling things I’ve ever seen. she’s phenomenal in this movie
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Sheryl Lee is such an underrated actress. Her anguish was so palpable in this film, and she completely succeeded playing an entirely different character in The Return. She deserves a far better career than she’s had.
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What a horrible article. A larger band will give you LESS support. The wider wires isn’t a positive - if you’re 30" around and try to use a 36" band, the wires and cups will be going around to your back. Wearing a 30" band means that the wires will be taller and will actually be where your breast tissue is. So even if Read more

Of course the notion that everyone needs a smaller band size is not true! But, if you’re skinny, you may indeed need a smaller band, and if you’re larger — taller, wider, overweight, — you might need a larger band. The easiest way to find the right size is to use the Bra Size Calculator: Read more

At In-n-Out, a double-double combo is $7.60. So much better than anything else mentioned here. Be sure to ask for the fries well done.
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Can you top a fruit tree (pear) that’s grown too tall?  I don’t want to kill it, but it’s now as tall as our 2 story house and there’s a lot of fruit and growth energy being wasted up there.   Read more

Freaking LOVE Dark City, but I think Saw needs to be on the list, the first one.  I remember seeing it the first time, knowing nothing about it other than its a horror movie.  It is I shit you now the only time in my 42 years on this Earth where I said Holy Shit! at the ending. Read more

I'd add From Dusk Til Dawn. If you are able to have NO idea what it is about, and have your buddy throw it on for you, you are in for a treat.  Read more

“My dear boy, why don’t you just try acting?” Read more

Penzey’s is only upped by the stuff in my garden - and even then... I don’t do blends quite like Sunny Paris. I buy that shit in 2-cup jars. Read more

Gonna push back on spices. Most of what you find in your supermarket aisle is pretty old, has been sitting in a warehouse for a while, and just isn’t as potent (i.e flavorful) as what you get from a direct-to-consumer outfit like Penzey’s. Read more

Native Bah-stonian here. Good call on the seasons! But it’s pronounces “Glah-ster” not “Glaow-ster”.  Read more

“I put on my robe and wizard hat..." Read more

In general I find a good rule of thumb is that if a store is *always* having a “sale” or something, they probably just price-gouge by default. Read more

But how do you stop yourself, as an adult, from picking and eating your boogers?

Asking for a friend.
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1. Give Evaporust a try. Non-toxic and can be used over and over. Read more

Kink shame much?  You should really do a little research into the BDSM lifestyle.  In consensual relationships rules and boundaries are clearly discussed and continuously maintained.  BDSM isn’t the badguy here.  Manson is.  Read more