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It’s true! I used to go New York Liberty games, and the first thing that struck me was how much more interesting the game was from a technical standpoint. You could actually see the plays develop. You kind of got an idea what each player is supposed to be doing on offense, especially without the ball. Fascinating. Read more

He used to stream in Twitch when he tried to harass female streamer, Pokimane by sending his viewer to spam “L+Ratio” on her stream. But that one is more of fuck around and find out, as Twitch promptly banned him. Read more

LOL. Christ you are in insufferable dipshit. How old are you? Your comments are some of the stupidest things I’ve ever read on this site. And that’s a hell of an accomplishment. Another edgelord troll. Yawn.
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These are the same types of misogynist assholes who suddenly started caring (of course they don’t really care) about women’s sports when the issue of trans athletes became the hot topic of conversation. Then it was about how they were trying to save the sanctity of female athletes. Sure thing, guys.
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The venn diagram of this dude’s followers and people who argue about transgender athletes in supposed support of women athletes is just one circle. Read more

I haven’t watched basketball in years because it incentivizes fouling and it’s made the experience really un-fun as a viewer. At least for me it has. I’ll be watching the US and Vietnam face off at the Women’s World Cup game later tonight. And the people who will be watching it with me are male. Read more

I don’t understand the point you are trying to make. Might makes right? I run a YouTube channel for my job. It only has a few hundred subscribers. Does that mean that the Mr. Beast channel is “better”? It’s two completely different channels, with different audiences, created for two completely different reasons. Read more

It’s juvenile dumb shit but the audience for juvenile dumb shit on Youtube is huge. Read more

“Uhhhhh company is popular that means company is good and always right” Come on, buddy, make an effort next time.
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If people have a problem with a company making everything worse with time, they should just cancel the service/stop buying the product instead of complaining”. Uh how about no, I’m very much going to complain about predatory business practices.  Read more

The thing is, they are taking away a perk that they used to explicitly allow.  Read more

They have always done that. Now they’re making customers pay more to have access to less content, and also even more if you don’t want to look at commercials, and also even more if you have friends or family members who don’t live in the same house as you, and also if you ever travel, fuck you, you can’t access the Read more

Netflix used to cost less, be easier to access, and be friendly toward customers who travel. Read more

The FTC didn't really do a great job on this, but anyone who thinks this deal is going to be good for the marketplace is dumb Read more

Fuck xQc. Also him going over to Kick is like a crackhead getting a job at So we’ll see the “How It’s Going” of that situation in a few years. Read more

I was the moderator, not the streamer in this case. The streamer has Nightbot dump a spiel, about once every 10 minutes, telling viewers not to backseat. Read more

There are so many games that I would gladly pay for if I could, and if that money would go to the people who made it. Im not going to pay hundreds of dollars to someone on Amazon for a DS game. And its just really sad when the only options are doing that or getting the game illegally.
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Here’s to piracy. It’s really the only reason why video games from the 80s & 90s are still available to play. Want to play that arcade game you spent way too many quarters on back in the day? Piracy lets you do that. Want to play a beloved Atari or Sega Master System game? Piracy lets you do that. The companies that Read more

FYI: The Dr Emilio Lizardo (account: paging-doctor-parody) imposter account posting here in this thread is NOT Read more