10:42 AM

Worst strike three call of all time? No chance. This was a random call in the middle of an August regular season game. Eric Gregg kept it up for an entire NLCS Game 7.

11:17 AM

You’re not an intelligent person and nobody values anything you have to say.

9:37 AM

Yet another example of how the internet of things is idiotic. If you truly want a “smart” home you have to do it from the ground up, you can’t jerry-rig everything. 

5:18 PM

The St. Louis Cardinals called, and out of appreciation for your continued support and advocacy of “The Right Way” to play sports ball, would like to offer you an (unpaid) opportunity to help teach others the error or their ways.

9:59 PM

Solace Vapor does not condone the use of our products by anyone who previously was not a tobacco and or cigarette user.”

12:36 AM

“Whomsoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” This is what Odin says when he casts Thor out in the original film, so it holds that if you have the hammer you have Thor’s powers, including lightning magic.

1:08 PM

PSA: nobody cares about your lady-boner. I love Jez, but the hypocrisy on here is unreal sometimes. Their body, their choice, end of story. How hard is this? These kinds of posts, which have been common on here lately, reek of the same delusional entitlement exhibited by pathetic groups of male dweebs who gather on

7:33 PM

The thing is, if they walk back everything that happened in VIII, it would be because of fan pressure, which would make the climactic piece of the nonology (maybe not a word), a big piece of fan service. That is not what I want. I can find fan fiction that repeats the tropes of eps IV-VI if I need to. Add to that the

7:20 AM

I think your analysis of the Battlestar Galactic finale is frustratingly inaccurate. If you aren’t a fan of the religious iconography and solutions that end up playing a large role in the finale, that’s fine. But to argue that these elements are added in later seasons or come out of the blue is inaccurate.

4:52 PM

It’s called false rumors and market manipulation and believe it or not it’s not something that was invented in the spot by Big So-So just to make the great leader Elon look bad in his great crusade to make the world better retire on Mars and ban unions, it has existed for a looking time.

12:36 PM

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