Cosmo the ass man
Mar 12 2018

Except you can argue that racial issues are extremely relevant to this discussion, particularly given the present day phenomenaof Get Out Oscar nominations, and Black Panther billion dollar grosses. Read more

Oct 30 2017

Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke get they most hype. With the former being one of the first to get an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. Read more

Oct 27 2017

My cousin has worked on 2 EA games that use Frostbite over the past 4 years about and he routinely complains about the madenning lack of tools it has compared to something like the ancient Unreal 3.5 engine. Even basic automatic facial animation tools don’t or didn’t exist, forcing animators to have to animate every Read more

Aug 21 2017

If you haven’t seen it, the Beware the Slenderman documentary on this stabbing on HBO is a really informative, heartbreaking look at the situation. Getting a glimpse at these girls’ lives leading up to the attack and understanding the context of it really sheds a new light on it. It’s not just some nasty, Mean Girl Read more

Aug 16 2017

That makes no sense at all. Actually it can provide more rigidity the further it is from the center of bending.

Aug 16 2017

There’d be some, but I agree, not likely a measurable impact.

Aug 12 2017

Although I like Supras I have no clue on why they are so cherished other than for nostalgia purposes. They are basically a big motor RWD Japanese 90s muscle car. Which by todays standards kind of hold up. But with 320HP and 3,505lbs it can barely hold a candle to some mini vans now. Other 80s’/90s cars like the “REAL”

Aug 10 2017

It’s on that page because Fakku is most well-known for containing a great deal of loli and incest hentai. Read more

Aug 9 2017

I think a lot of people don’t pick up on Cliff B’s tongue-in-cheek bro-ness. Obviously I don’t know him personally, but it really seems to me like he’s in on the joke. “Maaan look how intense and hardcore this game is, duuude” *gives a wink* Read more

Aug 7 2017

You guys are just reaching. Trying to find something out of nothing.

Jul 26 2017

Btw, I just wanted to remind people real quick that we’ve had fast refresh rate monitors for at least 20 years now. A lot of old school CRT monitors could easily do 100+ hz. I myself game on a CRT that does 768p @144hz. And there are other monitors that go to 200hz

Jun 30 2017

Ah, such an interesting topic! I grew up in what many might call “the ghetto” or “the hood”. There were no bookstores within bike riding distance (which is what I was confined to). My parents were not going to drive me anywhere because they were working and after work wanted to rest, not drive me an hour to the Read more

Jun 27 2017

Musical achievements? What might those be? Showing off her booty, writhing around and having absolutely no originality or voice? Check, check, check and check. Wow, easy to get a key to this area!