Jul 24

Are you worried about Jalopnik suffering the same fate as Deadspin with these political takes that dont center around automotive discussions?

Jul 8

If there’s no manual, it’s not a hot hatch. Look at all the “competition” listed here. Clutches down the line. A hot hatch is supposed to provide a certain experience. The car is probably fine and fast and whatever, but it’s not in the same category as the others.

Jan 13

Whose dick do I have to suck at Fuji Heavy Industries to get this sent to the US as the new WRX?

Nov 26 2019

I understand that this is mainly picking on a ridiculous New York Post article (which is probably redundant), but I feel like this great movie is now balancing on the precipice of being a poster child for a bunch of hot button political topics, and I only ask: can we not?

Oct 2 2019

Well, this article resonates with me real well. 25 years old, a $500+ monthly payment for 72 months to own my 18 Civic Type R, and I don’t even live on my own yet. My payment was not supposed to be this high, but I had negative equity from my previous trade in that I had to roll in that i did not plan on at all... and Read more

Sep 3 2019

The nerdiest M fans want a manual.

Aug 16 2019

Agreed, but most people would rather have a set of tires last 80,000 miles than have a set of tires with better grip to keep them out of accidents.

Aug 15 2019

Yup, seems like a great place for the office of a car blog. “Drive Free Or Die.” Indeed!

Jun 4 2019

An A-1o Warthog and F-16 Viper did laps around the track. Then, after they reconvened for the second flyover, the F-16 shot up straight into the air. The A-10 then shot up the parking lot. This was later determined to be due to a misidentified target. The Air Force extends its regrets to the owner of the ‘74 Read more