Street Surgeon
Oct 3 2018

Wood here from the article. R33s have always been my favourite. I have also  LM Limited tucked away that has been modified to an insane level. Having this one and the LM will give me both ends of the spectrum.

Oct 24 2016

That’s one hell of a spider suppression system. I wonder where it sensed the arachnid.

Oct 28 2015

“30-year-old cars out of date” says area man. News at 10.

Aug 30 2015

will probably be ordering one. Seems a waste to keep throwing money into the ST when the RS will still be better. I’m thinking Stealth Gray (as long as its not metallic) with the forged wheels.

Aug 30 2015

Blue with black rims looks like the best option there.

Jul 20 2015

As someone who’s sat out in the showroom waiting for customers to finish up financing at 8:30 on a Friday when we close at 6... I agree. Dealership is waiting on an apology from vandals who cut their lock is more like it

Jul 20 2015

The family is waiting for an apology? Showing up at closing time on a Friday is an azzhat move.

Jul 15 2015

My FWD econobox has 260hp, and I can promise you I don’t drive around wishing it had less. To say this car wouldn’t be better with more power is also saying the chassis couldn’t handle it, and we all know that is false. This chassis could easily handle 300hp+, and for the price it should definitely have that much. Read more

Jul 14 2015

What’s special about the ‘71 2002, aside from being old?