Jun 29 2019

M. Ballaban: Recognized as the first time traveler. While his initial excursions were for a day at a time, he eventually traveled back to ... wait ... how are you here ... for God’s sake put that ... ouch ouch OUCH ... Never had anything to do with time travel and is a humble car blogger with an amazing collection of Read more

Jun 29 2019

Woah, did you already have that list prepared and saved in a folder? I was going to say that this Geo was a POS when you could buy things like an Integra but you more than fleshed this point out.

Jun 29 2019

* Checks Facebook marketplace/craigslist for said banger*

May 30 2019

One time, shortly after buying my used Mazda2, I was cut off by another driver oblivious to my existence. I was livid. Furious! And, naturally, I had to let him know my feelings. I laid on the horn, only to find out my horn sounded like a juvenile goose with a cold, losing its voice.

I suddenly went from furious to Read more

Apr 19 2019

“I know that a lot of truck owners and buyers like to sit inside their truck when they drive them.” Read more

May 18 2018

Well Ford did own Volvo when the C30 was out so still counts

Nov 22 2016

The 2 started to become popular in the aftermarket scene, then Mazda quit bringing it to the US due to stale sales after 2014. However, the 2 scene in Thailand is HUGE. Read more

Nov 22 2016

That weight figure is off, the current (non-US) Mazda 2 with a manual is right around 1000kg (2200 lbs) and the Mazda has much more safety equipment and it might be a little bit bigger (especially in height) than a ‘92 Civic hatch.

Nov 22 2016

Except for the fact that the Mazda2 meets 20+ year newer safety standards. The old Hondas were wonderful cars, and safe enough in their time, but I know which one I’d rather be in when a truck crosses over center line while I’m enjoying corners on a canyon road. Read more

Sep 16 2014

Great article! I'm not sure why I needed to add to my knowledge of crap, but it's an impressive process. I keep thinking though, spongy poop blocks... Who touched them to know they feel spongy?? Having a degree (just a bachelor's) in biochemistry, what is it that won't break down? What chemical compounds are we Read more