Oct 25 2017

Idk, I just sold my Suzuki Reno, and it was pretty shit. Granted, this was a Daewoo rebadge, but the quality is pretty similar in regular Suzukis. Read more

Jul 14 2017

E series, actually. Smaller and lighter than the A-series, and sadly with less aftermarket support. Read more

Jul 13 2017

Yeah, there’s bad, then there’s Hummer H2 bad. Everything feels cut rate inside, and the creaking is incessant since there is so much plastic.

May 23 2017

Coming from a former VW family, I can wholeheartedly agree.

Apr 26 2017

My first car, the absolute best and worst car I’ve owned. The ecstasy I felt whenever I got behind the wheel of this car was only rivalled by the feeling I got when the car actually started.

Mar 22 2017

I do this, but only in my neighborhood. The limit’s 20mph, so if I pop it into 3rd for maximum efficiency, the engine lugs a bit at just over idle, and I end up doing 27mph or so just to keep the engine happy. But if I leave it in 2nd, the engine revs a bit high at 25mph, so I cruise at 20-22mph, which is Read more

Jan 19 2017

I think this can apply to gas-engine cars as well. Anything past a threshold is considered fast, why does millisecond accuracy matter for something that’ll end up getting groceries?

Aug 30 2016

My first car! A 1984 Mazda RX-7, that in my ownership spent more time in the shop than on the road.
Be me, 17 years old, and a $2 000 budget, browsing Craigslist, I had narrowed my search to a 1984 Celica hatch, a sensible, completely reasonable ‘96 Corolla, and this beauty of an RX-7. It was the sketchiest of the Read more

Jun 21 2016

I work as a valet, so I’m pretty familiar with these shifters.
They’re annoying, but if you just push it forward firmly, you’ll never miss park. The last notch is always park, even with traditional PRNDL shifters.
It’s funny, the new BMWs have a very similar shifter, the Priuses and the newer Mercedes also have a Read more

Jan 25 2016

Florida for worst, if just for the weather. Rain every other day, and too many mosquitos every day it doesn’t. Want to work on your car today? How about rain instead? Read more

Dec 25 2014

The URL thing doesn't bother me too much. I'd rather see a short link than seeing 3 lines of URL.

Dec 2 2014

It's the tendencies that people have when they buy them. When you spend thuosands and thousands of dollars just to impress people, that means something. If you buy an Accord and put LX badges on it, it's not as bad as buying a supercar or offroader just for cruising around town, dig?

Apr 23 2014

Original Mazda Cosmo (110S) had horrible fuel economy. It was the first car to have a rotary engine. I haven't seen it's bad fuel economy quantified, though. Also, the Lamborghini Murcielagos I've heard have terrible fuel economy, I think around 8 or 11 mpg.