Corgis For Days
Apr 2 2016

...I love my partner dearly, but he really wants to get into video game streaming on Twitch. I have several friends who are professional Twitch streamers, and I’ve cohosted and/or done some streams here and there mostly from knowing those people.
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Mar 22 2016

Applied for several jobs this afternoon after meeting with the coordinators very briefly in the morning. Went and

May 28 2015

Hey all. It’s been a while since I posted, and I’ve missed your faces. Sorry about the dropoff.

May 21 2015

Yesterday, my boss asked me about some code I’d written for a tool we wanted to put on the website. I said I’d look

May 12 2015

Today I beg my doctor to release me from Abilify’s spell. I’m telling him that the weight gain has caused me mental

May 10 2015

I’m moving cities to go to school in September. CorgiMan just asked me about making plans in August and I was like

May 8 2015

I’ve eaten out at restaurants a ton this week, and I brought my gym stuff so I could go after work, but I don’t

Apr 29 2015

So first of all, I fell off the weed wagon last night. We bought an eighth, got high, watched 30 Rock. Ate caramel

Apr 27 2015

I feel like I accidentally swapped out my Ritalin for Ativan this morning, even though that’s impossible because the