Aug 5 2018

whatever that episode where the plot was an entire excuse to recreate the upsidedown spiderman kiss was the best plot like that besides the episode of arrested development where the plot was an entire excuse to recreate a japanese monster movie battle

Jan 28 2017

It’s the governmental equivalent of a privileged individual with the wealth and means departing the US post GWB or Trump.

Nov 20 2016

I don’t agree it’s self defeating to put people in a defensive position. Sometimes truth needs to make a lot of people uncomfortable. That’s life, and people need to be adults. If you can’t deal with being put in a defensive position, that says more about you. We are going to continue to to disagree on that though, Read more

Nov 19 2016

If it pales in comparison to the problems actual minorities face then you should have an easy time ignoring this pretty relaxed jab at the patriarchy which isn’t about you specifically. Happy Turkey Day.

Jul 4 2016

What to you coded it as a comment from a man? Not arguing. I recognize you from kinja/GT so genuinely curious on your take.

Jul 3 2016

what’s weird though is i think dngrsone assumed you were a man - i don’t think anything in your original comment indicated that