The guys on the Everyday Driver podcast were making that exact same case for the GX on Friday’s podcast (cheap 4x4 options). Read more

I try to make it at least once a year

I’m confused that 0.6 sec is considered ‘mega’ in one sentence, and in the next, 0.4 sec is considered not much of a difference. A totally agree that ‘base’ 911 variants (read: not GT or Turbo) are getting ridiculously powerful and fast.  Basically anything with a Porsche badge today is quicker to 60 than a 959.  What Read more

It seems weird to me that they’d take an “adventure” bike for “ofroading” then put CAR tires on it instead of the appropriate knobblies.
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Seems overly complicated.  Why not buy one that’s already been made? Read more

They are shot by police at significantly lower rates - parity is not always a good thing. Read more

Likewise, I won’t buy a vehicle without being able to drive it/check it’s usefulness first, so being order only automatically takes it off the list of cars I would be interested in. Read more

So much salt, so much open wound. I’d buy a 6 wagon tomorrow should mazda choose to grace us with one. Read more

Since I still think about this at least once a week:

You’re silly. And so is your mom.  Read more

I can’t say with a straight face that they are better than any other vehicle on that list, but each one of those will sell more than any of the others on this list save the Gladiator. Read more

Jewish-American Princess? That’s what it’s used to describe around these parts... Read more

I like the way you think.

This is the SUV America wants, but electric.  No one wanted the blob of a van Tesla made except people who wanted a tesla that wasn’t a model S Read more

i know they want a piece of the action... who wouldn’t... but they haven’t really shown the effort needed. Read more

Well this is some bullshit - Isuzu.
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That’s why most conspiracies fail. They’re founded on the mutual trust among untrustworthy people. Read more

“The best SUV of the era was, arguably, the XJ Cherokee.” Read more

SUVs from the 1990s will be seen as proper collectibles in just a few years.