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Sunday 6:27PM

These are all good points. And also just much respect to the greatest gimmick commenter of them all

6/10/20 1:17PM

Well, I’d agree with Boots if his point is that Sorry to Bother You has a more radical critique of white supremacy than BlacKkKlansman, but I think Lee’s films do plenty of ideological work even if his texts sometimes fray under the weight of competing ideas.
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6/10/20 9:56AM

Yeah, one might even say that the movie’s final sequence intentionally undermines the arrest of the Racist Cop that comes immediately before, rather than the latter undermining the former...

5/07/20 10:02PM

It’s like this dude said “what is the creepiest child molester mustache I can grow?”, and then grew that mustache.

5/07/20 1:01PM

They joke in the commentary about how he inserted himself into every scene that he could. I think he even appears to be in two places at once.

5/07/20 11:31AM

Seth Rogan 4.0 is actually pretty charming.

3/26/20 11:59AM

I was just reading a story a few days ago about Hardy's experience filming as Shinzon for Nemesis. I can safely say he'll not be returning to Trek... or at least, if he does, we can interpret it as a cry for help. ;)

3/26/20 11:47AM

Yeah, it’s just an absolutely strange decision. It’s obvious that the show has limited time, but that the guy the show is named after isn’t going to croak.
It’s symptomatic of the kind of lazy hackiness that continually lessened this show from being what it could be.
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3/26/20 11:08AM

Nah, I don’t think they would keep making a Picard series without Stewart..

3/11/20 10:34AM

I am absolutely captivated by this show. Fascinating stuff and compelling characters. Offerman is perfection.

3/09/20 1:07PM

Yeah you really feel that he’s both a sincerely conflicted tech hippie and a selfishly ruthless tech mogul, not just pretending to be one or the other. I’ve been impressed!

3/06/20 9:34AM

Alex Garland’s aesthetic is creepy tech weirdos murdering underlings in coniferous settings.  Really digging these first two episodes.

3/06/20 2:34AM

If they are able to go prediction 2020 years into the past, they are probably able to go 100 year into the future. Thus, this would explain the Sergei experiment with the unicellular at the beginning of the show -> To explain to the viewer the concept of forward prediction.

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3/05/20 3:04PM

Pretty sure that they’ve predicted the end of the world. That’s what fits with all of the cryptic things that they say (not caring about the environment, smoking won’t kill you, etc). They built a big quantum computer that can predict backwards and forward in time with visual accuracy, but the code that they showed Read more