Cookie Monster
6/10/20 6:55PM

Educate yourself. Riley has been in terrific rap group called Coup for about 20 years—he manage to write catchy, up-tempo songs with scathing left-wing political messages. Then he wrote and directed Sorry To Bother You, best movie of 2018, which manage to simultaneously be Spike Lee-type political polemic (except more Read more

5/08/20 11:36AM

Cookie Clicker! Game play leave something to be desired, but who not would want to play game where you end up with billions Read more

5/08/20 11:35AM

Me have been playing Civ so long, that first version of game me had, me needed to get patch to run it in black and white so me could play it on Mac Classic! And it somehow never get old. Me think part of it is that, it have clear beginning middle and end, that arc always same, but every game different enough to keep Read more

4/20/20 2:57PM

So, me behind on show so me commenting late and who knows if anyone will read this. Me really enjoying show, and really only have one problem with it—me not can believe Lily would date guy with shitty-looking teenage-dirtbag-hanging-out-in-7-11-parking-lot mustache. Let alone immedately dump longtime boyfriend to jump Read more

4/20/20 2:51PM

Me feel like this show have same problems as every other will-they-or-won’t-they show have, except replace “sleep together” with “murder each other.” It seems like show have choice between Moonlighting, where they put things off for so long people stop caring when it finally does happen, or Office, where they do Read more

3/04/20 12:57PM

Me excited for show, and me excited to see Swapna Krishna joining site. Me really enjoy her Desi Geek Girls podcast. She and co-host have so much joy and enthusiasm, and world need more of that.

3/04/20 12:55PM

If me just read this review without knowing who was involved, me probably would dismiss this as too navel-gazey and not baked-goods-focused enough. But between Garland’s previous work and cast, this verge into shut-up-and-take-my-money territory for me, if me not had already given all of money to Girl Scouts last Read more

3/04/20 12:53PM

Counterpoint: me have free will, me just happen to always exercise free will towards end of eating cookie.

3/04/20 12:47PM

So far this is only comment, but me not sure what else need to be said besides, it terrific show and this was great interview.

2/23/20 10:59PM

Honestly, me loved that Luke grows up to realize life not just winning battles and saving galaxy. (Excitement, adventure, etc.) And that, while he might be better Jedi knight than Obi-Wan, that not automatically qualify him to be better teacher than Yoda too. Original trilogy is coming-of-age story. Last Jedi is Read more

2/23/20 10:54PM

Blue Sky Animation proudly present... Pants Dad. This summer... find out who wear pants in this house!

2/23/20 10:50PM

Me think you pretty much hit nail on head. For starters, they made “one for us, one for them” deal with Disney that said they did original movie every year and sequel every other. But on top of that, studio clearly have its A-team of directors (Bird, Docter, Stanton, Unkrich). Every misfire apart from first two Toy Read more

2/23/20 10:36PM

Me feel like Cars movies take more shit than they deserve beause those movies’ natural audience skew younger than rest of ouevre (first and third one, anyway. Second one deserve all of shit you can throw at it). Sure, Cars’ supporting cast full of poorly-sketched ethnic stereotypes. But me would still put it in top Read more

2/20/20 4:04PM

Me think you pinpoint very well why Picard feel so slow-moving. And besides same dramatic beats being repeated, they often feel disconnected from each other. Maybe because we get “Picard earnestly wanted to help Romulans and then kind of gave up on everything after Federation backed away” in disjointed chunks, so it Read more

2/20/20 3:47PM

Yes, but me not will turn up nose at Galaxy Scouts selling synthamoas!

2/20/20 12:55PM

Me have enjoyed Discovery and have been willing to forgive its flaws. But for whatever reason, me feel more and more “meh” about Picard with each successive episode, to point where, after reading this review, me probably not will watch episode and may just follow rest of season through Zack’s reviews instead of taking Read more