11/23/18 8:56AM

This is the best apple related story ive ever read! Holy crap this is amazing!

11/23/18 6:19AM

Sounds like when you asked about Avengers 4 you got good advice... :P

8/31/18 7:32AM

You can’t just say “runs circles around” and think that is persuasive information. You should try giving objective details as to how they run circles around.

8/27/18 11:29AM

If she or he is running a fetish store, she or he probably doesn’t have any debt. 

8/27/18 9:25AM

Gosh you really took playing doctor to the next level!

7/23/18 6:18PM

Yeah, I don’t think so. I don’t think there is a point here. Because if there where, what could it possibly be? Thar people shouldn’t buy companies, or that they shouldn’t able to borrow money? Read more

7/23/18 6:08PM

Obviously that a ridiculous statement though. Why oughtn’t it happen? So everyone can keep their job a the horse shoe factory? If someone wants to buy ESPN fire all the anchors and turn it into a channel dedicated to tips and strategies for playing Settlers of Catan, they’re perfectly in their rights to do so. Read more

5/30/18 10:38PM

It’s a little more complex than that. The reason we have so few companies vying for our business is because although there is some sharing in the industry - by regulation, each provider needs to make their own infrastructure to the door of the places they want to service. It would be more efficient if the municipality Read more

5/24/18 10:49AM

This is one of those cases where no one actually believes it’s a threat, but everyone involved mumbles something along the lines of “better safe than sorry”, and claims it can be construed as a threat. Then they make a big deal about how they “had no choice” but to pretend this thing they knew wasn’t a threat was a Read more

3/06/18 12:08PM

That’s likely not true. We’ve revived 250 million year old bacteria from spore state dormancy from salt crystals. 8 million year old bacteria have been resuscitated from Antarctic ice. There are almost certainly living bacteria on the upper rocket stages from the Voyager and Pioneer probes currently making their way Read more

3/03/18 6:44PM

I can only speak for myself but I find FaceID a significant improvement over TouchID. In my experience it is both faster and more reliable. Read more

3/02/18 5:55PM

I guess you stopped at the first sentence. But yes, I think it actually is a disorder and as such should be treated like one. The treatment is to live as the preferred gender, without discrimination or hate, and receive the proper hormones and surgery if desired. This is the only thing that has shown to reduce Read more

12/22/17 11:36AM

Hey, just tryin to get to the bottom of where that 19k figure came from.

12/21/17 9:45AM

SO.. you didn’t order.. or even pre-order then.. you just asked some random dude about cost and promised to buy two. At a steep mark-up on top of that..
got it.

12/14/17 10:09AM

So.. it appears that you either didn’t buy one.. or you got ripped off bad. lol..

Maxed out is $13k