Apr 23

I think this ending adds MORE meaning to the title, rather than taking away from it.

It’s also really hilarious that the vast majority of comments negative about the ending are from people who were never going to play it in the first place.

Mar 27

If I get stung by wasps on one of the random islands, I make it a point to deforest the island. Teach those little fuckers to mess with me. Where are you going to put your shitty hive now?!

Mar 27

You can also hold down A in your inventory to drag/rearrange items.

Mar 27

Select your bell amount in your inventory.  Heads up, 10,000 is the max you should plant.

Mar 27

Tree Branches are infinite, you can just keep shaking the same tree and eventually more will come out, unless there is no place for them to drop, in which case you can pick up the ones you have and keep shaking for more.

Fruit trees take 3 days to regrow their fruit. I know this might seem obvious but I know a lot of Read more

Mar 11

We can’t be living our lives in fear. Our very Freedoms are under attack. If E3 is cancelled, then the Coronavirus has already won. Read more

Mar 4

VR makes me motion sick enough as is without frantically running for my life in utter fear. 

Mar 4

I actually remember this last year, because tomorrow last year is when I found out my 55 year old mother had pancreatic cancer. She passed away two months later...I can’t believe it’s already almost been a year.