May 30 2019

It’s more like finding out that Chevy is sponsoring a new car that doesn’t have seatbelts but uses an “alternative” form of restraint that has a pretty high chance of propelling you through your windscreen when you crash said car. They’re promoting it on the basis of being more “in touch” with your car’s natural Read more

May 7 2019

The headline for this article is guilty of the same type of sensationalism as the overhyped studies and embellished findings it mentions. Science isn’t “broken”. This is a call for more stringency in research, and more accurate (but probably boring for the writers) reporting.

Nov 13 2018

Yes, BUT... Waging a war on something a silly as a Milk Shake with doughnut on top is ridiculous. No one is eating one of those things everyday they are sometimes treat that someone or more like multiple someones will consume on a whim. Read more

Nov 13 2018

The proliferation of refined sugars, syrups, and processed foods have contributed to an explosion of diet-related illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. This problem is worth trillions of dollars and millions of lives worldwide. Read more

Nov 13 2018

Imagine looking at everything wrong in the world and deciding what you really need to spend time on is posting comments on the internet criticizing people for pressuring people to eat less sugar.

Nov 12 2018

I wonder why manufacturers can’t connect the dots between declining wages, rising rents, and the fact that nobody can afford the shit they sell. Read more

Nov 8 2018

Look, as someone who hails from a racist area.... telling racists that they’re racist doesn’t magically make them become less racist. That’s a lovely myth because it makes the person calling someone racist feel better. They like to think of it as constructive criticism. You don’t tell someone in their late 30's Read more

Nov 6 2018

But we have app security. Your doctor can renew your prescription with remote access to an EHR, two passwords and a two-factor security app. When hospitals have better technology than state election systems, something is amiss. Hospitals are decades behind the Linux farms and security of Wall Street banks. Don’t Read more

Oct 22 2018

I see what you’re saying and I think it’s a valid question. I went to a very sheltered grade school and high school. Very white. Very privileged. I had some very terrible friends and I adopted some very terrible opinions and thought some very horrible things were hilarious. I went to college and opened my mind and Read more

Oct 14 2018

Thank you for being that person. We need that more often on the Kinja network. Editing is sloppy at the best of times. 

Oct 13 2018

Yo, why are we still spreading the fake report that he recommended a skin lightener to that girl? It was a product for soothing inflammation. Truaxe is clearly having some kind of disturbing break down, but that tidbit was refuted ages ago and it’s disturbing to see something false repeated ad nauseum.

Oct 10 2018

I would believe this if the attacks begin while the woman are unaware of their attacker’s presence. But that’s not what’s happening here. The perpetrator isn’t grabbing these women from behind while they aren’t paying full attention to their surroundings. He went up to these women and attempted to engage them in Read more

Oct 1 2018
12’s actually rather democracy that a vocal majority is trying to get their government representative to vote the way they want him to. 

Oct 1 2018

The average man weighs 196 lbs and the average woman weighs 168 lbs, so obviously the person with more mass is going to have better insights on physics. Read more

Sep 30 2018

Let’s play the casting game. I’m going with Naveen Andrews and Chow Yun-Fat as the Blue Wizards.