8:37 PM

I was due to go to Paso for my birthday before this all came down but I bought wines from the places that were were going to visit: Turley, AronHill, Donati, and Law. Law is very expensive but there were some reasonable wines at the other places. Read more

8:47 PM

I blame those books for my brother's ill managed experiments with primitive weapons and me getting shot with a home made bow and arrow. I still have the scar in my arm.

3:22 PM

There is! Britain’s Best Home Cook is very similar in music and tone, and Mary Berry is a judge :). But I agree it should be an official partner of the show. 

4:51 PM

Exactly! I can’t believe the article didn’t include this. It’s obviously a PIA for the flight attendants to have to remember who isn’t paying for the free meals, the free booze, etc. that could rack up if someone was in that seat. Considering how many seats are sometimes sold at a bare minimum of profit margin, the Read more

2:10 PM

I think this is the root issue, it’s not just a seat - there’s better accomodations and amenities that were not paid for and it’s harder to police who has the actual ticket and who is freeloading. Read more

11:46 AM

Cuba and Venezuela aren’t what ANY socialist talks about when they’re talking about changing a system.
I know it’s incredibly hard for americans to realize there is a middle ground to everything, but there is. your options aren’t just stupidly unbridled capitalism and red menace communism. There is all the things in Read more

2:14 PM

Respectfully, hard disagree. Anything can be overdone, or done poorly, but I will take clean lines and clever design all day, every day over ornate and opulent. It has to be updated—I don’t want to feel like I live on the set of Madmen—but I am fully invested in my original midcentury pieces. I inherited a few from my Read more

7:21 PM

Neat for me, but in-flight is the only time I drink Woodford. No particular reason, it’s a perfectly fine whiskey, just one of those airplane rituals. Read more

12:04 PM

Yupppp. As long as he intended to slap her ass, he satisfies the mens rea requirement. which is why he then changed his statement to “i moved my hands and made contact with her; i dont know where i touched her” to try to get out of it. 

11:42 AM

I am by no means ableist, and am both a huge advocate for mental health rights and a sufferer of panic attacks, but this seems like a put on your big kid pants scenario. 

11:41 PM

I’m 56, and I’m starting to worry I won’t have enough time to do everything I want. If I can get to 99, with a functional brain and the ability to chew my own food, it might just be enough.

Death is, like, forever, man.