Jun 16

Suits change the narrative just like female outfits change rape probability

Apr 14

How ironic that he was the most successful driver to come out of NASCAR’s “Drive for Diversity Program”...

Feb 18

“But I’ve invaded the space they believed to be pristine and disrupted their equilibrium, rubbing my juicy black booty on their bias.” Read more

Feb 4

Personally, I believe yesterday’s shenanigans reveal a lot more about the people commenting—and our community as a whole—than they do Meghan. Read more

Jan 15

Um...I would also like to add as the oldest Black fraternity in the world - of which I am also a member- Prince Hall Free Masons: Ain’t nobody for nothin to say about that square and compass with the large P substituted for G?? If I’m not mistaken the Freemasons own the copyright to that symbol as well? Read more

Jan 10

I don’t know why Adidas keeps making those fucking sandals lined with Lego pieces.

Jan 10

These came out right when mine starting leaving land mines all over the floor for me to discover. Haven’t had an issue since. Break a few toys (and then throw whatever goes with it away) and pretty soon, mine got the idea.

Jan 2

That may be true but it’s still better than “Hot for Teacher”

Dec 29

He’s the immoral one but these men and women sleeping on the street are SURROUNDED by millionaires EVERY DAMN DAY.
1) His money goes into the hands of the needy instead of some “non-profit” that takes 15% off the top.
2) Billionaires could do this once a month and not make a dent in their pocket. But they don’t.
3) He Read more

Nov 8

Bloomberg never met a dollar he didn’t love more than a human being. He is the phoniest of DINOs and we are fortunate that his lack of charisma trumps (pun intended) his obscene wealth. Read more

Nov 6

When watching Shin Godzilla with a group of friends there is a scene where the latest evolution of Godzilla comes out of the water and they use an old soundtrack for it...

Oct 9

If Biden and Trump are the choices in the next election, it’s gonna be virtually impossible to tell them apart in a debate. They’ll both: Read more

Oct 8

I get it. This is much like Al Capone finally getting convicted for tax evasion. After all the crimes he committed, where everyone knew he did it, they got him on the only thing they could prove and it was a sliver of his real guilt. But they got him. Read more