Aug 26 2017

Thanks! I have those. I say those cause I have the clear blue monitor and then also got the pink one cause why not. I too got pregnant the first month with the CBFM. And then miscarried. I’m a little scared about being pregnant again. I was so nonchalant with my son, I never imagined things could/would go wrong. Now I Read more

Aug 23 2017

Same. Maybe this is hyperbolic or naive of me, but I think the election was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve experienced as an adult.

Aug 23 2017

“Maybe I have overlearned the lesson of staying calm, biting my tongue, digging my fingernails into a clenched fist, smiling all the while, determined to present a composed face to the world.” Read more

Aug 12 2017

I’m a Southerner, born and bred, and these people are fucking appalling. The Confederates were not American soldiers and every last one of the leaders of the secessionist movement were traitors. Read more

Jul 28 2017

What a nice segue into my own weekly existential crisis.

Usually I wait until Sunday evening to really stare into the void, but okay, now is good.

Jun 27 2017

My anecdata suggests that men in long term relationships are happier than the women in them

Jun 24 2017

From Evans to Hamm? Damn, that’s going from the sundae bar to the pastry buffet! GET IT, GIRL.

Jun 23 2017

Hottest take: It’s OK to not like things other people like and it’s also OK for them to like things you don’t.

Jun 3 2017

I feel so band for him, his parents dying, his guilt not seeing them more and his addictions. Kourtney is looking out for those kids but Scott needs to clean up for them too.

Jun 2 2017

Tiger Woods’s life began spiraling out of control after his “cheating scandal” in 2009. Read more