cobra, brah!

heck, if basketball doesn’t work out, somewhere, there’s a cat stuck in a tree and an Antoine Walker on an empty stomach Read more

“Oi, my apologies for those utterly distasteful images.... filthy lucre that, anyways, where were we? ahhh right, so, if you’re having your dick sucked by a dog......” Read more

Hayne: Today I have a presentation for you about a very important issue. Cyberbullying. Read more

Monfils later proved the old saying correct by losing two arguments to the clock. Read more

When asked for his opinion on the revoked offer, Holtz said, “muhhhh buhhhh fruhhhh suhhh” Read more

at least these Scots controlled their own destiny when it came to leaving Europe Read more

dude also complained about getting a poor signal on his phone. and ya thought the female gymnasts were the only ones who dealt with uneven bars Read more

Joe Girardi: “Correa should have stayed on the white lines” Read more

this article vaguely reminds me of my college football related granny sex erotic fan fiction story titled “Poor effort see Ol’ Miss bust a Nutt” Read more

when reached for comment, Borring’s estranged wife said, “Keller does things my ex wouldn’t, like eat my ass and let the kids watch.” Read more

I’m glad the other guy took the W, if only because i have no idea how to pronounce Wgwiazdowski Read more

Similarly, when the Sixers traded Shawn Bradley to the Nets for Derrick Coleman, DC said he was happy with the missionary’s position. Read more

Two aliens discuss plans for artificially fabricating a human to serve as chairman and CEO of NASCAR Read more

Erin Andrews returns to ESPN after months of humiliation Read more

Despite their differences, both guys went home after the match and had their dicks sucked by dogs. Read more

I don't know. I think maybe the world's saddest Nets fan is the one taking the picture. Read more

It would have been 64 but he rimmed out a five footer. Read more

So she really will forget more basketball than I know. Read more