Apr 27

Em....nope. Joe Pantoliano was lobbying her to reprise his role.

Jul 8 2018

The guy who killed that girl in charlottesville did nothing wrong. Consequences for her actions are not a violation of your rights.  Kill progressives. Eat their flesh.

Jul 5 2018

“Besides the breakneck speed with which this got super racist, it’s hard to imagine how a simple conversation about a car sale could go so south.” Read more

Jun 23 2018

This is going to sound weird... but they could have been eating more because they literally weighed more. Nothing psychosocial about it. Read more

Oct 3 2016

Dude, what kind of idiot today doesn’t know the difference between they’re, there and their? Typo? You should have a violent reaction to such typos, inherently. Instinctively throw your computer screen down on the floor. Throw your laptop at that endangered albatross because it was asking for it flying that way. Flush Read more

Aug 1 2016

Gawker is pretty much the only website I’ve ever been on where a significant faction of the userbase boycotts other websites because the writers told them to. It’s weird.

Jul 16 2016

1. The firefly light show in the Great Smoky mountains
2. Bison roundup at Custer State Park in South Dakota
3. Great Wildebeest migration in Tanzania and Kenya
4. North Padre Island sea turtle release in Corpus Christi, TX
5. Hawk migration in New Jersey
6. Alnwick Castle in England
7. West Highland Railway’s Jacobite Read more

Mar 2 2016

I don’t want to be this guy, but none of those cars are rear engined, they’re mid-engined...

Feb 7 2016

The fire has a regular backlit tablet screen rather than the e-ink display. E-ink is better for reading. The fire can be used for other tablet stuff. It's kind of apples and oranges to compare them.

The fire has a regular backlit tablet screen rather than the e-ink display. E-ink is better for reading. The fire

Oct 27 2015

This was terrible. This man knows so little, and most of his "research" is based on his own feelings toward the animals. It's like watching Peter Singer talk, but in a written interview.

Jun 8 2015

It’s not the average base model I’m talking about. I’m talking about the average purchase price of a new car. People are buying more than the base model. This compares what people are actually buying (on average) over the years. It appears to out-pace inflation. Read more

Jun 3 2015

I think that you probably just did more to reinforce why people think 'snobby' wine people are insufferable, than you did to refute it.

May 3 2015

Floyd Mayweather is a lot of terrible things, and because of that, he will never get respect for being a master boxer. This post, whatever it is, is proof of that, as now we have people who clearly know very little about boxing are now determining what makes someone a coward in the ring. He fights Read more

Mar 16 2015

I didn't say the drivers are not good or that I could drive as fast as they can. I said the cars are slow which they are.