Wow that’s really really dumb. Like... Really dumb. $20 burner phones that they buy and ditch every couple weeks would have been a safer option than Xbox Chat. Read more

Every time this happens I think back to the first time I was made aware of it. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Unremaked just broke every sales record imaginable so Activision/Infinity Ward laid everybody off. Then it happened again with Modern Warfare 2: Premake
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It’s not clear yet whether Sweeney is taking any pay cuts as part of the latest cost-saving measures.

It’s seriously depressing how normal this is becoming that it's only inspiring a numb feeling instead of outrage. More workforce cutting to create bigger profits for shareholders. Yippee.
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Yup! Still my favourite store to support for that reason. Only reason I’ve been buying more Steam games of late is cause they have the Steam Deck community controller remappings. But other than that the GOG games are just as reliable on getting them to run on Deck. Read more

Having no DRM is part of GOG’s whole philosophy. Read more

Off-topic but anyone else seeing this dot/period underneath the “you may also like” feature. Read more

I didn’t mind the Epic Store on Windows but it’s so unreliable on Steam Deck. Turns me off buying anything on the store. Read more

Phil Spencer is our only hope. Read more

Lighting candles and doing a weird ceremony I just made up to will Phil Spencer into reviving THPS 3+4 Remake after Activision canceled it and sent the development studio into the Diablo 4 polishing mines. Read more

Ahh THPS1+2... the game that finally sealed this for me: If a PC game is not available on Steam, I will not under any circumstances purchase it. Read more

It still feels like Peak Activision when the company posted a strong end of the year financially in 2020 in part, explicitly laid out in their quarterly report, because of the success of THPS 1+2 and Crash 4, and their conclusion was not “Hey, maybe Vicarious Visions and Beenox can remake a couple more Hawks” or “Hey Read more

Very nice copypasta, really kept me engaged with each sentence. 8.6/10.
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I recall an interview with a Solar Opposites animator who said that the other co-creator is involved in all aspects of production, but they had never actually met Roiland.
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The domestic violence charges were dropped, yes. I’d imagine the dozens of screenshots and saved convos of him leveraging his position to send inappropriate messages to minors was kind of the bigger deal to the company that makes cartoons for teenagers. Read more

The amount of improv had steadily declined over the seasons and while it is noticeable in its absence, the quality of the show wasn't impacted.  Read more

Could well be the case, but writers with Roiland’s sense of humor are a dime a dozen. Read more

A lot of people also fail to realize that despite the “created by” credit Justin Roiland receives, he actually has done less than 5% of the writing across both of those shows. Dan Harmon handles a lot of the writing and direction in addition to a writing team that helps write a majority of the episodes. Read more

Aaaaaaaand they sound pretty damn near identical, so all those children crying on Reddit will chill now right? The “heart” of the show, these two dumbass, easily replicated voices, sound about the same, the show is back, and the same, right? Read more

Chocobo breeding returns in Rebirth, complete with blue, green, and golden chocobos. Read more