You know what else never sold? Metroid. But Dread’s sold more than ever. Read more

Gilgamesh hasn’t showed up in this yet, right? Read more

Look, I love Zidane, but let’s be real here - he’s also absolutely kind of an ass, at least to start. I maintain he gets way better, and starts getting at least marginally better pretty quick, but I definitely understand people who found his behavior especially around women too insufferable to keep at it. Read more

Yeah, like, this looks sick and absolutely props to the execution here, but it seemed easy enough to guess the basic principle from the GIF? Read more

Hi-Fi Rush feels like it should be a shoo-in here, fighting corporate robots and the board members tossing them at you with the power of rock and roll, and friendship, and using their technology for good Read more

I think the main thing is, like, Nintendo’s still making some big games pretty late into the Switch’s life, it’d be a disaster if the Next Thing didn’t have many games at launch because of that. Backwards compatibility would give it a huge library of games to start with and let those later games keep selling... or Read more

I like the unexplained evil cloak moogle in 358/2 Days.

I hope it’s either that, or they give him a touch of the HD-2D treatment. Read more

XIV has a hell of a lot of XII’s themes and aesthetics (before even getting into the direct references in the crossover) and even, I believe, some of the team. Not surprising that XVI would pick up some of that. Read more

I think: Square Enix doesn’t want VII R to get in the way of their XVI marketing until well after its launch... *and* I wouldn’t be surprised if VII R gets pushed back at least a bit. Even if it was, somehow, mostly done - it’s gonna need time for another marketing push!  Read more

It took me... a couple minutes and looking up a guide to figure out how spikes worked. It was clear I needed to make a paddle; it was... unclear how I was supposed to stick it to the rotating part, since I hadn’t run into any spikes before. (Okay, I think I did just outside, but I ended up realizing I could Ultrahand Read more

The worst part to me is that so much of this country was built on trains, we should've had a huge head start, and then we just entirely gave up after inventing highways.  Read more

The glider one seemed easy enough that it could’ve been found by accident and confuse casual players, so I can definitely see why they’d want to shut down that one immediately. Read more

I think FF 16 looks cool; very much not for me, I’ll just be over here playing the second half of Octopath 2 whenever I can get away from Zelda. (And XIV.) I’m just glad FF has gotten out of its 13 funk and can be more things now - hope one of them, eventually, is what I’d want again. Read more

Which is why I can’t wait for Trump to crush him in a debate and hopefully end this juiceless wannabe’s career prospects for life. Read more

Looks cool! I know some people were losing their minds earlier, but this is all way more interesting to me than the glimpses we got earlier. But... very much not for me. Read more

I think the worst thing about ending Roe for them is, now that there weren’t any legal guardrails left, they couldn’t separate themselves from their loudest, weirdest, sickest, freaks any more. Hard to convince people “no, we’ll totally still allow exceptions, you don’t need to do anything to stop us!” when you’ve got Read more

I’m probably not allowed to say what I think should happen to Finch, but I hope he will be just as ready to get over it. Read more