Jul 15 2016

Don’t know why there is so much hate in this world. Can we just all collectively hate Bernie Ecclestone and call it a day?

Jun 25 2016

Not that I know of. I thought you guys might haven’t sent one of the regular knuckleheads out to cover it, then get the local Jalops drunk and cover the bill.

Jun 25 2016

AND the 100th annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is this weekend in Colorado Springs. Is Jalopnik not covering this?

Jun 24 2016

MR2 Turbo.

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Mar 9 2016

He must be bummed, after watching that Documentary series you could tell racing was his passion, acting just paid the bills. Read more

Mar 8 2016

Can we please also teach drivers that just because you’re going over the speed limit does NOT permit you to camp in the left lane? Read more

Feb 14 2016

Don’t worry. I’m sure President Beef Supreme will pardon him once he hears that impassioned explanation of how radical the police chase was and all the great reasons he had for evading authority.

Jan 20 2016

Something, something.. Soviet Russia paints you.. Or something.

Jan 19 2016

Maybe they were going for Realism and expected people to learn how to drive.... How is it not better for the game ? Sliding around the corners was the fun part... Thanks to people not knowing how to drive cars, I can no longer drift in GTA 5 - Thanks OBAMA