Jun 3 2019

Between that and PG paying $500 for a shop to change his fuel filter, the respect level for these “gearhead” writers is dwindling. Not everyone swaps engines and rebuilds diffs but man, you would think people who write about cars for a living could handle some extremely basic maintenance. 

Jun 2 2019

You’re reading way too much into everything. Also I was just trying to help simplify what they were going for. But go ahead and write another novel and insult me I guess

May 31 2019

Don’t mind me I’m just here for the financial dick swinging, oh and to watch you struggle to pull away from said GTI with a tune in your new V.

It’s a legitimate complaint when you lead off your product showcase of ‘V’ cars that are significantly down on power and looks from the previous generation. These may very well Read more

May 28 2019

A little harsh maybe. Dynamically the XC90 isn’t much to write home about, and the engine isn’t excited to be wrung out to the nth degree. However, dial it back and enjoy the amazing seats, silence in electric mode and fantastic interior packaging, and I do think it’s the best SUV in its category right now. Or at Read more

May 27 2019

It’s for the kinds of delusional people who think that they’re just one break away (a promotion, a raise, a tax refund, whatever) from finally getting back to only slightly underwater. Same principle behind a gambler borrowing money for another deal of the cards. Read more

May 27 2019

I don’t want to be that guy, but... it’s no big innovation. Volvo already did it with Orrefors. (For all I know, maybe some baroque 1970s Jaguar had Dartington crystal)

May 27 2019

This kind of financing is just a way to put off the inevitable. Once you’re forced into taking out loans to pay your rent, you’re not long for that particular residence.

May 26 2019

Not only did they not go overboard with an unnecessarily complicated and messy panel layout, but it was even a pretty good sight gag. Read more

May 22 2019

No one wants creepy ass robots delivering packages to their doors. This is why their stock is hurting. They are trying to morph into some kind of technology company and its just looking like they are grasping at straws.

May 22 2019

Her being op also made me put the game down. I recently came back and haven’t seen much of her. 

May 17 2019

It’s really hard to take anyone serious when they call others dickheads for not having a similar opinion as their own. I hope you realize that people like you are the cause of division. Also, a problem: people that think progress is good, in and of itself.

May 14 2019

So the pro-lifers will demand the death penalty for the killing of an “unborn child”, right? They’ll also ban guns as a surgical instrument used in abortions, right?

May 3 2019

 Fortunately they don't have a violent culture like we do. 

Apr 29 2019

The IFO study, bizarrely, seems to advocate for natural gas-powered vehicles as a “transitioning” technology on the way to cars powered by hydrogen, which, sure, I guess, and “‘green’ methane,” a product which does not exist. Read more