Oct 8 2019

As popular and critically acclaimed as Exile In Guyville was and is, I’ve still always felt like it didn’t get the attention and recognition that it deserved—like it should be in the conversation for one of the greatest albums of all time the same way that Exile on Main Street is—and consequently Phair herself didn’t Read more

Oct 8 2019

As a gay man, I’d like to apologize on behalf of our community to everyone who makes an effort not to be offensive, makes a slip-up, and gets pummeled to death by every queer person within range.
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Sep 3 2019

I actually think p4k are closer to the mark on this one, and I wouldn’t normally agree with them. 

Aug 9 2019

Binge Rocko with me. Please. I have nobody. I’m all alone with nothing but screenwriting tips for company.

Jul 22 2019

The line for Pirates is never more than 15 minutes long, and you can fastpass Mansion.

Jul 11 2019

Yeah I respectfully disagree with this completely. I found Hopper’s behavior to be a new father who would have struggled with a teenage daughter (as many do IRL) in even the best of circumstances, and their circumstances are hardly ideal. Read more

Mar 9 2019

I think the dislike heaped on “The Village” is unfair. Its a pretty terrific suspense movie if one isn’t going in with an expectation of it containing supernatural elements. Read more

Mar 9 2019

The cinematography was really impressive, that’s true.

Mar 9 2019

I’ll admit, up front, that I take this one pretty personally. My family has spent the last two years trying to recover from an actual violent hate crime, which my husband barely (and I mean barely) survived. It still affects him, mentally and physically, on a daily basis. There are still more surgeries left ahead of us Read more

Jan 11 2019

Wanna know a secret? I'm 5 small gay men standing on each other's shoulders under a trench coat.

Jan 9 2019

I really loved Bob Bakker’s “Raptor Red” (which kicks off with a similar plot, but is about a Utahraptor rather than a T Rex), so I will definitely give this a shot!