Clever Clover
10/20/20 2:33PM

Yep. My favorite cousin has one glaring flaw, and it’s this same mindset of middle-class-stability privilege. Chris Pratt is probably a “political moderate,” but in 2020 I don’t think that’s a thing anymore. You can’t just shrug at 200K+ dead, rampant human rights abuses, and the decline of democracy. Read more

10/20/20 2:13PM

He’s the classic “whoever is in power doesn’t really affect me” well-off straight white dude. Since he isn’t much personally impacted by who’s in power, he can not really care and pretend that both sides are equally bad/good. 

10/10/20 10:06PM

A surprise cow can terrify in a dark field in the middle of the night.

10/10/20 3:21PM

Mid 80's. Small, safe, boring suburb of Toronto, Ontario. I’m around 10 and driving in the car with my mom and brother. We just left the mall. I’m in the backseat, looking around. I notice the driver of the car behind us: gaunt, pale face, thin handlebar stache, aviator sunglasses, baseball hat. Creepy but whatever. A Read more

10/09/20 8:22PM

At the end of this summer, I had quite a decent Facebook Marketplace addiction, and I was sporadically zipping out to drop off or pick up random items.

10/09/20 5:09PM

This one could probably be an old private family cemetery. Due to being such a small town, all of the most prominent family names have intermarried numerous times over the last 150+ years. Several of those names were in there. It was also on the property of the power plant. So it could, for one reason or another, have Read more

10/09/20 5:00PM

It’s one of the nothing towns near Athens.

10/09/20 12:04PM

Been a rough week here. I’m teary-eyed over the thought of a mom singing to her children to calm them during the crash. 

10/08/20 11:12PM

I’m a little late, but I wanted to share some stories my dad told me about his experiences with djinn in India. I’m pretty sure every Muslim kid loves a good djinn story and I’m no exception, but hope you all enjoy it too. Read more

10/08/20 10:21PM

Back in college, I spent a semester abroad studying in New Zealand. Over one weekend, some girlfriends and I decided to book an overnight horse trek with a company just outside the city on the south island where we all went to school. The company offered an hours-long ride to a small, secluded beach where we would

10/08/20 4:21PM

I posted this story last year, but I was sort of late in my submission and it ended up buried about 5,000 comments down. Now, two days into the contest and there’s already 365 comments! Well, here’s hoping it gets seen this year. Read more

10/08/20 12:46PM

I’ve definitely been in a sketchy, rural area where I breezed past a hitchhiker (my policy for hitchhikers is “never, ever, ever”) and had him pull out a whole-ass sword and wave it around in my rearview mirror. The area in question is a known pot-farming locale, back when pot was illegal here. Super cool!

10/07/20 11:33AM

Holy shit I am so sorry! I cannot imagine how terrifying that was, especially worrying about yourself AND children. Lucky for that dude all he encountered was a knife and two level-headed people. I can’t say he would have been as lucky in my house. I’m glad you’ve had access to therapy and that things are getting Read more

10/07/20 10:48AM

When I was a kid, like under 3, so this would have been in the 1960s-my parents lived in a small jersey shore town. There were six houses, all connected by paths into a central courtyard. A few houses down was a house the neighborhood kids had determined was a scary house. There wasn’t anything outwardly scary, it was Read more

10/07/20 10:24AM

I wish I had a ghost story because I love them (although I’m too much of a scaredy cat to seek anything like that out). But this is the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me. Read more