Clever Clover
10/09/20 2:38PM

I know you don’t want to dox yourself, but I’m also curious where this story takes place. We have a lot of these “secret cemeteries” in Colorado, also. Usually they were for pioneer families and were forgotten and abandoned many decades ago. Read more

10/09/20 12:11PM

I know. I cry every time I write it, and the reason I can’t say I’ve heard the recording personally is because I suspect I couldn’t bear it. The folks at the school actually invited me over for a listen and I just can’t make myself.

10/08/20 11:32PM

This story is 100% true... to the point that I have written about it twice and been published in my local newspaper. There are credible witnesses to whom I have personally spoken and from what I hear, even recorded evidence on a cell phone. Read more