Chilly Sharp
Jul 27 2015

Gregariousness does not necessarily ‘get shit done’. There are plenty of us introverts getting all the shit done while the extroverts are chit-chattin and shit. We don’t need no stinkin Kaffeeklatsch to get our work done, pal.
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Jun 20 2015

Graduation. Future. Unknown vistas.....all important notions for validadictorians. All of the valedictorians. Several schools are now awarding the term “valedictorian” to several graduates. Isn’t that sweet? Just so precious. And, while the multiple valedictorians are being anointed, meritocracy is swept out the door. Read more

Apr 20 2015

I would love a Sally spin-off. I’m actually quite sad that there are only three episodes left. I think we’re at a very interesting moment in Sally’s life. Don is a pig. And lol at the fact that they couldnt find a single kid to play Bobby for 7 years straight, because I’m sure they would’ve been able to develope his Read more

Mar 27 2015

Vanessa also has good reason to hate Perez Hilton. After her nude photo scandal, he used to draw dicks and cum on photos of her.

Mar 22 2015

About the only time I see this phenomenon being discussed in popular culture-albeit obliquely— is in horror movies, one of the biggest arbiters of our fears in modern times. Read more

Mar 17 2015

I loved Katya's as Baberaham Lincoln, and she was fantastic!

Mar 8 2015

PTSD absolutely can afflict someone due to something witnessed or prolonged exposure to stressors. A person has to exhibit symptoms for a minimum of three months. Before the term is bantered about, a clinical diagnosis is a good idea. Read more

Jan 27 2015

I mean, yes it is garbage, but I'd rather eat PJ's than Dominoes (I think it is all that garlic butter sauce- and yes I know it is just margarine and garlic powder).

Jan 24 2015

Let's make this simple for the stupid people. If you operate a business in the public sphere thereby enjoying government protections, you may NOT refuse to serve customers because of their innate characteristics, such as their sex compared to somebody else's sex. That is SEX DISCRIMINATION. However, if somebody ask Read more

Jan 13 2015

Seriously. The gloves were ugly. That doesn't diminish her character or intelligence. It just means she has bad taste in gloves.