Claudia George
12/20/13 10:29PM

You do know that the Nazis claimed that they were inspired by the US' eugenics program?

12/19/13 8:49PM

From the image I thought Steve Carell was Al Madrigal... I have to think about that for a while...

12/19/13 10:18AM

Which works if you live in NYC. If you live elsewhere a car might be necessary (or a requirement if you live in a rural area or a city with poor public transportation).

12/18/13 8:25PM

I'm not sympathetic at all! Because they're not real issues, they're based on the fantasies male losers invent in their heads. Read more

12/18/13 6:06PM

This woman is a literal human trafficker and slaver, her being strip searched (which is standard procedure for all inmates) is perhaps the least barbaric part of this entire affair. Read more

12/15/13 11:25PM

Hubbard wrote some nonsense about Jesus being an "implant" along with all the other stuff Xenu did.

12/15/13 10:21PM

This reminds me: as if Nip/Tuck wasn't an already batshit crazy show, remember when Kimber randomly joins the Church of Scientology? LOL.

12/12/13 4:08PM

I read it top to bottom and the whole time was waiting for some snarky bullshit but instead what I got was... Wait for it... JOURNALISM! Oh my god. It felt so good. If my tear ducts weren't so swollen right now, I'd cry. Loved every minute of the read. Read more

12/12/13 4:02PM

As of this writing, I am 35 years old. I have three older sisters (and a brother). How do I not know about this woman or her rainbow art? My brain does not recall any recollection of her. Did I black out at some time during my youth? Do I suffer from partial amnesia? Was I lobotomized? All unknown.

12/12/13 3:55PM

"Once she had her children—Hunter and Forrest, who were named after two characters in Lisa Frank's multi-chromatic menagerie (a leopard cub and a tiger cub, respectfully)—Frank worked from home and rarely participated physically in the office." Read more

12/12/13 3:49PM

This was brilliantly written. Bets on how long until Tracie is headhunted from Jezebel? This was probably one of the best researched and articulated stories I've read on here and that's being said by someone who has been reading Jez since its beginnings.

12/11/13 8:02PM

Yup. The ad handily absolves Kelloggs from any culpability in promoting the fat-negative messages so many women have internalised. It's all in OUR heads and its OUR job to stop doing it to OURselves. Fuck off outta my consciousness altogether Kelloggs, I don't even eat cereal.

12/11/13 7:30PM

I don't care who they add to the script as long as Peeta gets a bigger screen presence in Mockingjay (part 1) than he had in the book. I have developed an imaginary, and yet somehow completely fulfilling, May-September romance with Josh Hutcherson and I don't think I'll be able to sit through 2+ hours of another

12/11/13 4:01PM

Right at the end, they say "we need to replace it with positive talk," but it's not reinforced in the titles.

The thing i think is the most bizarre is that they pulled these quotes from social media but then say "You wouldn't talk that way to other people." If these quotes are from social media, then we clearly do talk Read more