Claudia George
Dec 20 2013

You do know that the Nazis claimed that they were inspired by the US' eugenics program?

Dec 19 2013

From the image I thought Steve Carell was Al Madrigal... I have to think about that for a while...

Dec 19 2013

Which works if you live in NYC. If you live elsewhere a car might be necessary (or a requirement if you live in a rural area or a city with poor public transportation).

Dec 18 2013

I'm not sympathetic at all! Because they're not real issues, they're based on the fantasies male losers invent in their heads. Read more

Dec 18 2013

This woman is a literal human trafficker and slaver, her being strip searched (which is standard procedure for all inmates) is perhaps the least barbaric part of this entire affair. Read more

Dec 15 2013

Hubbard wrote some nonsense about Jesus being an "implant" along with all the other stuff Xenu did.