Claudia George
12/21/13 1:01AM

The medical establishment in the US has abused Black people throughout its history. Besides forced sterilizations, Black populations have also been experimented on. Read more

12/20/13 3:57PM

Does he have thoughts about why people trying to get other, younger people to try it?

12/19/13 7:00PM

Yeah. I feel like we're missing context. As far as I know people calling themselves "divorce survivors" isn't a thing. And saying "I can't believe I survived that divorce!" is just fine. But maybe I'm missing some information. Maybe calling yourself a "divorce survivor" is now a thing among MRAs? The goodmen projects Read more

12/19/13 4:54PM

I think in most small towns and semi-suburban environments NOT having a car will cost you more money in the long run. I tried to save money by not having a car for a couple years while living in a college town. (A place that you'd think this would be possible.) But I ended up spending extra money on: Read more

12/19/13 12:37AM

LOL. Pet food? I say we make the poors eat their pets before we give them free money to buy food. (A thing that I've more or less heard people like this guy say.)

12/18/13 11:41PM

I agree. I wasn't the biggest fan at first. But it's really hard to tell what a "correspondent" is capable of at first. She does best at the interviews right now. But for a long time the Stevens did best at the interviews. So maybe that will translate into something more. I like that she doesn't have the stereotypical Read more

12/18/13 11:18PM

Serious Question. I always assumed the guy in the hospital was Laura Linney's husband. Not brother. And THAT'S why she couldn't have Karl. Isn't that more likely? They never say he's her brother.

12/18/13 10:47PM

I actually believe that men's lower (average) life expectancy has a biological component, and isn't tied necessarily to what men do or don't do. But what the MRAs don't get is that biological problems aren't inherently social problems. E.g. breast cancer isn't a woman's problem because more women get it then men. It's Read more

12/18/13 10:25PM

The MRAs who are obsessed with family law are, in my opinion, often the stupidest. Because their conception of family law is so primitive. There are literally creationists who know more about evolutionary biology than most MRAs who are upset about family law. Read more

12/18/13 10:09PM

To be fair, as a woman, I get offended (and have to suppress it) when my female friends insist on splitting the bill. I'm just not culturally used to this idea that friendship = calculating precisely how much everyone paid and splitting. I would rather pay now and assume that down the line someone else will pay for me.

12/17/13 10:39PM

I get that in the moment she couldn't call. And I know that bay area police are complicit in creating the chaos that reigns in public spaces. But they actually COULD do something. Don't the buses have cameras? This guy is not anonymous. I'm not saying she should have called them. But if she had mentioning it in the Read more

12/17/13 10:01PM

I see what you're saying. But in the Bay Area transit workers are are abused both by their passengers and by their employers so much that I imagine many of them feel absolutely impotent in a lot of situations. Maybe this driver did collude with a sexual predator because that's the sort of thing he does. But maybe he Read more

12/17/13 9:50PM

You still need to report it. The odds are very likely that other women have already reported him and that additional information will help police catch him, if only by giving them a better idea of how far he is wandering geographically. Trust me, at least where I live reports like this get people caught. And if the Read more