Classic Groupthink
Oct 13 2018

You can repeat yourself as often as you like, and you’ll still be wrong.

Sep 13 2018

I wouldn’t be so sure. Hard to remember now, but a guy by the name of Clarence Thompson (I think?) had his nomination derailed in the 90’s thanks to credible allegations of sexual misconduct, IIRC in no small part because Joe Biden just kept hammering him on the issue and demanded that his fellow Senators take the Read more

Aug 22 2018

Men shouldn’t have sex if they’re not prepared to accept that the woman may get an abortion.

Aug 8 2018

Owner Curtis West says he believes kneeling during the national anthem shows “disrespect to veterans.” Read more

Aug 7 2018

If Ross wasn’t a crook, liar and cheat, he wouldn’t work for this administration. Read more

Jul 25 2018

why wasn’t she looking at the flag while the anthem was playing? i was always taught to stare at the flag until the anthem was over, even if my eyes watered. never avert your gaze from that holy cloth because it holds supernatural powers that fill our hears with patriotism and love of country but hate of the people in Read more

Jul 25 2018

BBC is known for pounding its subjects hard and at great length

Jul 20 2018

I think this relates to our society’s common misconception that because someone is rich that they are also competent. This is absolutely not true and even someone like myself who understands this is confused by how rich people act. Read more

Jul 10 2018

I’m sure these kids have seen enough divers the last few days.

Jul 9 2018

by the end of the month, elon will be delivering 5,000 submarines a week to the cave.

Jul 9 2018

Yeah, but think of the broad support a Sasse/Bloomberg ticket would have. From the editorial board of the New York Times to the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, the country would be riveted.

Jun 18 2018

Somewhere Alex Jones is nodding vigorously as he removes his shirt. However, that’s not related to this story.