Clam DeFacto
Nov 2 2016

Also, Bill Clinton has ties to Epstein, which is one reason I think the Dem campaign hasn’t even TRIED to touch this one with a 100-foot pole.

Nov 1 2016

Thanks for the clip. It does sound odd, but I wouldn’t make too much of it. Lindsay’s been living in a number of different countries for a while now. Kinda sounds like she’s picked up a little something from all of them at once.

Oct 22 2016

“These are clearly liberal spirits, conjured by a mainstream medium”

Oct 22 2016

I’m 100% certain Tarantino made From Dusk Til Dawn so he could drink of Salma’s foot

Oct 22 2016

He was practically stalking Princess Diana because he believed she would be the ultimate trophy wife... I wish her private letters revealing her thoughts on him were released.

Oct 22 2016

It’s probably more projection. Being too short is more of a hang-up for men.

Oct 22 2016

Sadder, he still has supporters. These people are fucking trolling America and the WORLD.

Jan 23 2016

Previous knowledge of whether or not the camera was running is completely irrelevant to the situation at hand. It should have no bearing on an officer’s actions. Read more