6/16/21 5:13AM

I absolutely love this show. It disappoints me it gets such little coverage here. Glad to see it get highlighted. 

1/29/21 10:47PM

I thought Lawrence’s win was deserved but any other format and Ellie would have been in the top. She didn’t deserve to be standing next to Tia (although that runway narration was hilarious).

1/17/21 9:53AM

This is all based on the misconception that the Trump name carries some sort of cachet with the #MAGA set. That movement grew up around Donald because he’s: Read more

1/17/21 8:23AM

Ivanka’s going to end up like some tragic Henry James heroine who started out in high society, fell (or in her case swan dived) from grace, then tried to return only to be barred from “polite” circles forevermore. She really is something out of the Gilded Age, all money and surface values desperately hoping her looks Read more

1/17/21 5:50AM

Even the Barbie! spawn of the 2Ximpeached XPO—S is certain to be no worse than whatever it is (Half-warthog? Half-donkey? Half-oyster? Half-carrot?) that Rubio is.

1/17/21 12:13AM

For you see, sources told Politico that we might very well see the Florida transplant try to primary Marco Rubio when the Republican senator campaigns for reelection in 2022

1/16/21 11:52PM

A Trump in the senate is just the thing the Republican party needs to remain split and ineffective when they don’t have a majority and Mitch running the gavel. Read more

1/16/21 7:22PM

Let her primary Rubio, who is dumb as a stump and happily supports Trump whenever convenient. He also wasn’t going to run for Senate again when he ran for President, but changed him mind when sooooo many people begged him to stay. He’s fullashit. Ivanka will beat him easily, because Republicans just love anything Trump Read more

1/16/21 6:56PM

If she primaries Rubio, it could be a chance for a Dem to win Florida. Go for it.

1/16/21 6:06PM

You know what, do it!  I’ve had a few moments to think about it, and she should do it.  Primary the fuck out of Rubio, and then Democrats can pick up another Senate in the general.

1/04/21 12:04PM

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Part of what makes the JKR thing so heartbreaking is the legitimate good she’s done in the world. The legitimately important activism she has done and causes she has supported. All the money she’s donated to good causes. At one point she had given away so much money she came Read more

12/17/20 10:32AM

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can be right and still be the asshole.

10/29/20 4:05PM

Someone on twitter called them the Frankenstein Project - a group of mad scientists that created the monster now rampaging throughout the countryside, who have picked up torches alongside the townsfolk to destroy their own creation. Read more

10/29/20 3:32PM

the Lincoln Project, which is nothing if not a very ingenious scam to enrich some of the worst Republicans from the previous decade, whitewash their reputations, and ensure that they’ll have enduring relevance in the coming years. Read more

9/30/20 1:36AM

In that position, I’d have settled for a director willing to mute Trump’s mic.

9/20/20 9:33PM

I’m not sure about the other wins. I love Schitt’s Creek but there are plenty of worthy comedies out there. That said, I think Annie Murphy absolutely deserves an Emmy for her work as Alexis. She has long been the best part of that show. A wonderful, loveable, and smart performance. She imbues Alexis with such Read more

9/11/20 7:06AM

I think the point of her lawsuit is to fix the policy so that people who don’t have her resources and can’t afford the legal fight will benefit.