Monday 5:13PM

Exactly. Very few women I know who have participated in debutante balls did so because they wanted to. The events are all about the parents and showing off that they are members of the “elite” society wherever they live. Her dad was the CEO of a major bank with its HQ in St. Louis, and beyond that she’s part of a very Read more

5/08/21 7:10PM

Yeah produce at Whole Foods is often cheaper than “normal” grocery stores, and its a whole lot better.

5/08/21 7:07PM

I was going to say, AJ’s is the Stew Leonard’s of AZ not Sprouts.

2/10/21 3:18PM

Fisher was also probably subject to far more aggressive NDA language about what he could and couldn’t say about his time on Justice League. The lack of details was probably due to fear of saying anything specific enough for WB and DC to take action against him. Carpenter’s specifics are much more personal and arguably Read more

2/01/21 5:42PM

According to the podcast Drag Her, where Nicole Byer is a frequent co-host, the main host noted that Nicole mentioned that Gottmik’s looks worked even better in person than they did on TV. So what might have seemed like a slight edge for Gottmik, may have been a more clear victory for the judges.  Read more

1/30/21 1:01AM

While I think that you are right to an extent that UK focuses more on the process than storylines, it certainly helps when they have fewer queens and only one look to show on the runway. Also, I’m pretty sure the UK episodes end up being longer than the US ones (if you ignore Untucked), given the amount of commercials Read more

1/30/21 12:56AM

I imagine that whatever this Coach product is they were promoting is probably designed to be used by people with limited to no sewing ability. Either they are somehow easy to attach or like you design it online and they add the stuff for you.

1/30/21 12:48AM

Didn’t Olivia and GotMik sort of express their feelings about pronouns earlier (female in drag, and male when out of drag)? It’s sort of confusing when we are only referring to them by their drag names both here and on the show, but I think it’s a good rule of thumb. Read more

1/18/21 2:10AM

Would she really be that much worse than fucking Rubio?

1/18/21 2:09AM

In almost all cases each party is responsible for submitting their official nominee to the general election. These nominees are usually chosen in primary elections, which feel similar to general elections (most people wouldn’t notice a huge difference), but are usually operated by the parties themselves with the Read more

1/18/21 1:59AM

I mean Florida is still somewhat close and a Trump vs. “Republican establishment” primary would leave a big chunk of Republicans pissed off no matter what the results are.

1/18/21 1:55AM

Exactly. Not only will it be a super expensive battle, but it will likely also exacerbate the exposed wounds of the post-Trump Republican base. Read more

1/18/21 1:52AM

That’s largely how I see it too. For one thing, the Republican big donor class is still largely under McConnell’s thumb and there’s no way he’s letting any Trump get within an inch of Republican donor money if he can help it (and certainly not to primary fucking Rubio). Read more

1/18/21 1:43AM

At the very least it will lead to a rough primary for Rubio with all the bunker Trumpistas coming out against him and forcing him to push further to the right/crazytown (which never really works out for him). Whichever one wins would emerge bloodied and make it easier for a Democratic challenger to win. Read more

1/05/21 3:38AM

I think also part of the problem with Rowling is that the feminist dialogue in the UK is far more TERFy than it is here. I think Izzard might be giving her the benefit of the doubt for that, although she has nothing to lose by coming out and obviously Rowling isn’t going to come after her. It’s still a bit Read more

12/17/20 1:39AM

I mean for some tattoo enthusiasts, isn’t part of the appeal the rush of getting the tattoo itself? 

10/30/20 4:49AM

I agree with most of this, except I do worry that they want into the tent. I appreciate what they are doing, but if their project succeeds and Biden wins and we have a Democrat controlled Senate, the next step for their movement should be reforming the Republican Party. As helpful as their work may be, that’s not Read more

10/30/20 4:43AM

I appreciate the work the LP is doing for this election, but I also agree that absolutely doesn’t mean they should be allowed into the Democratic tent. They shouldn’t get anything just for acknowledging the apotheosis of their party, in the form of Trump, was bad. Most of them have laid the groundwork for the horrors Read more

10/25/20 2:43PM

Ha I came here to see if anyone had watched in 2020. Pretty horrified that no one thought to distribute masks with an aerosol virus. Also found it funny how the virus turned the infected into MAGA-style OPEN UP crazies and then they were all knocked out by opioids.